I’m lost

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What kids need most for a happy future is a parent that has a good relationship with themself, a parent that role models how to manage difficult circumstances in a way that others' non-essential needs don't drive them into the ground. They need a parent who models a perspective that promotes minimizing unnecessary stress and maximizing happiness through perspective.
Very well put, sweetkamie.
I just need to get my head in the right mind set,
This is the most important thing of all.
And.........it usually takes time to get your head wrapped around what is going with your body, and then finding out what helps and what does not, and all this time you are in pain and trying to get your mind into the right attitude of acceptance..........sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

So, remember it is a lot all at once and be gentle with yourself. One of the things I emphasize in my advice is that we need to treat ourselves as if we were soft little vulnerable animals....because we actually are. We need encouragement and we need to tell ourselves we are doing a good job for everything we try even if it doesn't seem to work. We need to give ourselves credit for doing whatever we can, for doing our best.

So, while the correct attitude is vitally important don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't come easily or rapidly. It will come in its own time and in the meantime you will work on it, and when it does come it will be solid and not something flimsy because you tried to force yourself to get there before you were ready. Take good care of yourself.
My hubby (mum has fibromyalgia) couldn’t understand why test came back as a no. So made me re do it and I have read the questions wrong. I had read them as life threatening. So we filled it out again and it’s saying I do now. That’s what I get for not reading it properly (I should have thought about that. Sometimes I can read things 3/4 times b4 they sink in
Hi @annamariebell I'm Jenny. I'm new on here too.

I just wanted to reach out as well to welcome you. I was treated with antidepressants too before I had the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. It took years to get. I understand how changes in antidepressants can affect you.

I went to CBT therapists, it took me awhile to find good matches. Once I did they did an excellent job in note taking articulating how they had ruled out mental health in areas and what areas expressly they wanted a physical MD to evaluate. My psychiatrist worked at the same clinic as my therapist, so they used those notes when reaching out to the Rheumatologist who was evaluating me for Fibromyalgia. I also changed my primary care to a doctor who wouldn't write off my physical health concerns as mental health ones.

Brain fog and so many other symptoms of Fibromyalgia can look like so many other illnesses it can get confusing. ❤
I am so very lost at the moment and feel totally alone. Trying not to cry as I’m talking to my iPad talking about it seems to make me feel even worse. I’ve just done the test and it says that I don’t have fibromyalgia. Which makes me feel even worse. I just don’t know what to do next I been told by the Musco skeletal team that I do have fibromyalgia. Some days the pain is manageable on other days I don’t even wanna get out of bed. My children keep me going when I just wanna give up I’m really tired of the constant aches and pains I’m just looking for support and people who understand. My right arm is in constant state of pain some days worse than another’s. The back of my neck is aches my left hand pins and needles all the time thought, it was due to carpal tunnel but I had a surgery for that. It’s a dizzy moment when I’m in the shower that scare me, i’m trying to limit what I do when I do it. If I do too much pain worse, but when you’ve got kids you don’t really have a choice of what you can and can’t do I suppose I’m just asking where do I go from here
I totally can relate
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