Im such a moaner

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Feb 3, 2013
I'm stuck at work keeping a smile on but CRAP
I'm in a lot of pain today.

That is all
twiztc, I am so sorry you are struggling today. I really hope you can get to bed soon, have a good rest and feel better. It is so not nice to work if you are feeling bad.

Hugs Y
You may be a moaner, but your special to us. It is not nice to have this place to say boy to I feel like crap today. And know that your telling the whole lot of us your in pain and not having to worry that we would feel less of you for doing so.
It is too bad that work confines us to the point we can't stomp our feet and slam something or just bawl our eyes out when we hurt. But we must content with the pain and gritting our teeth, while watching the clock for the time we can leave this place and go home.

Dear, fibro friend, I hope you feel better soon. I hope it is time to go home soon, so you can put on your pj's and relax. In your in my thoughts this day and I pray things will be alright and your pain will go away. :)
Hang in there! Hope today's better.
You are a trooper. You are in pain but still you are at work. You are doing great. I hope you feel accomplished in yourself. Because you are brave and couragous. I hope your day comes to a happy end and you can go home and relax.
I know that feeling of being in pain while being stuck at work counting down the hours until you get to leave. Hopefully your pain will ease up some a little later.
twiztc, How is your pain today? Are you feeling any better? I don't know what is doing in your area, but we are getting snow again. My neighbor said snow all next week too. I am not looking forward to that cause boo hoo! I want SPRING. I am sick of all the cold weather. I bet you feel the same way. Anyways, just so you know I am thinking of you and hope today was a really good day.
The last few months I have been worse that I ever have in the ten plus years of having this stupid syndrome. I have slightly better days but I haven't had a truly good day for a very long time.
I'm getting pretty much the same weather as you Sweedy. I keep looking at the snowflakes falling wondering when it will end. The weather report says after next week we should start settling into the warmer temperatures. I do hope so.
I feel for you...esp when you talk of the weather. I live in India...and its summer time...and getting soooo hot! You know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side...I wish i could see some snow..but in Kerala we dont even have a winter season!

Hope you are feeling better...God bless.
Hey there savvvme, nice to hear from you. Other than hot do you enjoy India?

twiztc, Hope you get to feeling better soon. It is the pits to hurt all the time. I am sure the cold weather is making things a lot worse for you this winter. I think it has been more bitter cold winds this year than last winter. Bundles of clothes don't always help, sometimes they make it harder to walk. lol :)
Kudos to you for working through the pain!
I am sitting at my desk at work and feeling like it would be so much better on my body to be at home in bed, so I completely understand what you are saying!

Honestly, I haven't figured out if its really worth it to fake the smile any more... I sort of want my coworkers to see what I am going through, might ease up some of the dirty looks they give!
Good luck, hope today is much better for you!
Do you guys have any close friends at work who know you have Fibro. I have a friend who I have been talking to who helps me get through pain while I am at work.
I do not. My coworkers actually tend to give strange faces and mean glances my way when I complain or get up to move around/go home early if I need to. I wish life was easier when it comes to work, but, I'm a single mom and working through the pain is the only thing I can do. I have to provide support for my daughter...
I have a great workplace. It's a family business with a fairly small office. There is eleven of us, three warehouse guys eleven outside sales guys and the two bosses. We are all like family and we pretty much know all about each other. It's pretty hard to hide my Fibro in such a tight knit group. My hubby is in the company and his brother is my boss.. so even though I feel the need to moan here now and again I probably shouldn't coz I'm a lot better off than most people.
Ok I can't hide it but it's only when I have a really bad day that they have a clue how bad I am.
I just thank all you guys in here for your kind wishes, words and understanding as only you know what it's truly like.
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