Income: How are you planning ahead?

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Apr 30, 2013
I only work part time outside of the home, because cannot predict how well I will fee from day to day.

I just know you can all identify with that!

I have not applied for disability and probably won't, so I need to create income from work I can do at home. I ran a chain mail booth at the local Renaissance Festival for a few years, so I am slowly working on gaining new jeweler's skills in hopes of selling pieces online, eventually.

I'm also learning to create crochet patterns, to sell in the future.

While working on these two goals, I will start my search for ghost blogging gigs.

Are you grappling with future income issues? If so, what have you come up with? How have you started working toward your goals?
I am on disability and so my choices are limited. I do surveys online and write on a few blogs for fun. But this is a slow way to make pocket change. I worry every day about how I am going to make ends meet. It is hard when the disability income is so small. So now I am working toward having some bushes and trees, and plants in my yard that will help big time on my grocery bill. Otherwise it is sort of a day-to-day getting by way of life. I don't like it one bit but do not have the abilities that I had in my younger years to create jobs or find good jobs.
i know of a few websites where income is possible through writing and another that lists jobs that can be done from home, but most need someone who can muli-task using the phone and computer, and good hearing skills that I don't have anymore. I hope your jewelry making & crochet plan works for you in the future, but what are you doing now?
The worry of not being able to work is always in the back of my mind especiall since over the last few months i have had to take a day sick or leave work early because of my pain.
Luckily I have understanding Bosses but I do wonder how far that understanding will go.
I also know I will not be able to claim disability if i have to stop work. My husband is in that wages bracket that is high enough that it will prevent me from qualifying but still not enough to live on his wages alone.
Like you MercyL I am working on writing my own crochet patterns. I found long ago people dont want to spend money on your hard worked creations but they will buy patterns to do themselves. I also make jewelery and cards and other craft projects so I am hoping when the time comes I will be able to draw on those skills to make some kind of money, that all provided the arthritis in my hands doesnt get so bad it buggers up that plan. right now its just a case of wait and see what happens.
Good luck
... I hope your jewelry making & crochet plan works for you in the future, but what are you doing now?

Right now I work part time, outside of the home, as a substitute paraprofessional for Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

I used to work in Special Education classrooms, on a full time basis, with emotionally disturbed students in "self contained" classrooms. These are the students that throw furniture, are in and out of residential treatments centers or juvenile jails and must be physically restrained on a regular basis.

The average day was dangerous, to say the least. I would have been safer working in a jail because jails have guards to deal with violent behavior. Public schools do not. I have been punched in the face, bitten, spat on and called some interesting names.

I need more control over my time and the types of students I deal with, and I can no longer worry about using too much sick time.
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