Involuntary Twitching

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Sep 8, 2014
Has anyone experienced problems with involuntary twitching? My psychiatrist put me on Venlafaxine which is generic for Effexor and I have noticed that since I have reached the maximum dosage I have started to twitch involuntarily. Sometimes it's my legs and sometimes it's my arms and sometimes it's my whole body. The only place I have not
experienced it (thank God) is my face.

Anybody else ever run into this?
Yes I have. In saw my doctor today in fact. We think it is due to an increase in my Cymbalta. We are decreasing it again. I
only get the twitching when I am falling asleep. For all I know, it continues after I'm asleep. If it does, it doesn't wake me

I was just also dx with cramp fasciculation syndrome, my legs, feet, arms, rib, face pretty much all my muscles cramp up to the size of a golfball or softball, depending on the muscle group.
There is a deep, burning hot pain in all the muscles and the stiffness prevents me from straightening my legs and arms. It's even hard to breath, and the cramps in my feet make me want to never use them, even with great shoes or slippers on.
I have twitching in all the muscles sometimes they last for days, and can be seen by looking at the area. I've had cramps that wake me up screaming in pain...example is my upper arm cramped up, it was all bent and could not be straightened out, (the pain woke me) then the whole arm began to twitch in a motion that made to where my clenched up fist was jerking towards my face. I was almost punching myself in the face if I hadn't moved my head out of the way.
To have both of these conditions...well am beside myself.
Anyone else with these two conditions?
Wow! that sounds awful. I guess I should be grateful for the small things that I don't have. I hope you can get some relief for that. Keep us posted.
I sometimes get spasms in my arms and legs. My doctor sent me to a neurologist because it is not a fibro symptom. The neurologist said I didn't have any signs of neurological damage, so it was probably too much serotonin from my meds. It's only a minor annoyance so I still take all the same medications.
the neuro gave me... carbatrol tegretol worried to take it out of fear from my reactions to lyrica, cymbalta, and Gabapentin. Ugh.:-(
My pain dr was giving me about 40 sarapin injections into my legs and butt muscles, but even that didn't stop the very painful charlie hoarse like cramps. He sent to a Neuromuscular neuro who thought it was MS, due to the clonus, tipping over, numbness, stiffness, and right side weakness, but after a whole bunch of test, dx was cramp fasciculation syndrome/neuromyotonia.
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