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Apr 10, 2015
Hey everyone! I have a question about fibro that I recently got diagnosed with and curious if I really have it.
I'm a 28yo male and I have been having issues for a little over a year. It all started with abdomen pain and tenderness in my abdomen. Then I stated having pains in my chest. Not deep in my chest but On the outside of my chest plate. My ribs are constantly tender to the touch with also sporadic pains about the size of a quarter on both sides of my body. But the pains come and go in different spots between 30 secs to 15 mins, sometimes longer. I have pains in my knees,in my thighs, behind both of my eyes(headache feeling), in my elbows, in the middle part of my back,the lower part and upper part.(all the time pain in my back and abdomen). My tail bone even hurts (It goes and comes) I have pains under my jaws,in my jaw joints(my jaws pop), in my shoulders and I'm sure I'm messing something I just can't remember. Oh, I have ibs, definitely. Solid to runny to solid all the time (sorry, just explaining). Also, neck pains but, again, they come and go. All of these pains are in different places everyday.

I question the diagnosis because all of these pain only last at the most three hours but, only average about 30 secs to15 mins. Most of the pains are in my abdomen,chest, ribs and back. When I hurt I can't make anything hurt by moving what is hurting. It just hurts. only time I can make it hurt is when I press it with my fingers.I'm confused.

I have had a ton of tests done. Two CT scans, three blood test, urine test, sigmoidoscopy, biopsy of my colon. My next stop is to the rheumatologist to rule out an auto immune disease and to confirm my fibromyalgia. Oh yeah, I have slight headaches every day. (I'm remember things as I go) Maybe, some nights I have rls but not every night. I'm not fatigue everyday just some days. I'm sure there is more I just can't remember

I guess the question is: does fibro affect the whole muscle or just spots of the muscle? Or both? Does it hurt when you press against said muscle? Does it last for hours or just mins? Would it affect some muscles more then others?

the pains aren't excruciating, just dull annoying pains.

Thank you for your feedback. And if you have ANY QUESTIONS please feel free to ask.
Lol 122 views and no replies ... I'm confused to lol
idkiffibro, no one has answered you ? Sorry about that, but it is the weekend.

Fibro is a condition that involves the muscles as well as nerves, etc. Who knows to particulars of each individual? There is a good post here about what fibro is. Everyone is so different. If you've had the tests, I'd believe the diagnosis unless or until something can prove it different.I've had bad ankle pain that switched to knees and then shoulders in about 20 min.-- and back again.

Hope you get a more definitive answer soon.
thanks for the response I didn't think about it being the weekend.

I have one question though, whenever you have pains in your muscles does it hurt the whole muscle or just one spot of the muscle or both?
Hi Idkiffibro,

What you said is looking pretty detailed and I suspect you also have bouts of "mind fog", check that term on this forum, you'll know what I mean.
Pain and painpoints are pretty different for everyone here. It seems to manifest in different places for different people, so telling what is it exactly, I'm not sure I can judge. right now I can tell that my pain is not just at a point, but my whole finger and wrist and I feel one point right now behind my neck.
Do stop by that Rheumatologist. but before doing that , another one of our members, cmetrye suggests that maintain a daily log of your pain points and its triggers. Your doctor will then recommend you tests. Mine was confirmed by a C reactive protien test taken some years back, but it seemed enough for my doctor to pinpoint the ailment and here I am.
I'm sorry i was not able to reply to your post yesterday. i over did it and my pain shot through the roof. please forgive me.
you deserve an answer to your questions.

First i'd like to say im not a doctor. i do believe that you have fibro with out a doubt.

As ruralchick and BombayMum said please see my two posts under general discussions called "what is fibromyalgia" this will help you understand your muscles. the other post is "starting a daily log book and why it helps" this will help you find triggers and help you and your doctor understand your body so you can get a treatment plan that works for you. please start this right as way.

as for the RA, you may have to go to a few before you find one that will help you or understands fibro. you might want to try a neurologist too.
You will have to ask to be tested for other things like lupus,MS and Lyme too.
I would call the RA before my visit to see if he even believes before i go.
if he doesn't believe when you see him or he says you need to work with you PCP, then be sure to ask for you money back for the visit.
i have done this many times and they have written me a check or re-applied the charge back to my card. dont pay for a consultation.

now your questions, you said:

I guess the question is: does fibro affect the whole muscle or just spots of the muscle? Or both?

yes and both. see the what is fibromyalgia post it will explain the muscles and what part they play in your body.

Does it hurt when you press against said muscle?

Yes. but i believe that it is more than just your muscles.
Its the nerves and skin as well.
You see its your nerves rubbing against the back side of your skin causing it to feel like its burning, after a while of this rubbing it will become
tender at those points as you are describing.

Does it last for hours or just mins?

These nerves rubbing on the skin can last seconds or even hours. please see my post what is fibromyaglia it will explain this.
it's like the train tracks described in the post.

Would it affect some muscles more then others?
yes. see the post what is fibromyalgia.

I hope i have answered your questions today. please feel free to friend me and ask me as many questions as you like.
im here to help you through this. we are all here going through this together. grab on tight is a long hard ride.

may you have many low pain days ahead.
Thanks for the response. I wasnt trying to be rude or anything with my second post. I'm just a jokester. :)

I can tell this is a very supportive community by the responses that I have got. This is a terrible disease that we have (I think I have it hasn't been confirmed yet) and I see it going to be a long road ahead of me. I'm sorry for all the pain you are suffering from. I have read some of your posts and you have so much worse than I do. I hope all is well and that you get everything you need to help you control this crazy disease.

I had a weird day today.. I was doing fine almost all day and then "bam" it hit me. Not really bad(thank god ) but enough to make me stop and think this sucks. :) but I got to stay positive.

I would like to ask you some..but I'm wait until I have more then one so you don't have to keep coming back. Thanks again
When I first was told I had fibro I told the Dr he was wrong lol. I was very very tired all the time but no pain. Fast forward three years and now I hurt like a bxxxx and don't need so much really time will tell.some ppl hurt more and some less. I also get very sore skin.
IDK. im here if you have one question or many. i did get your visitor msg.
hang in there with me. we can do this together.
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