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Feb 15, 2013
Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading this. I was recently diagnosed with fibro. It began 3 months ago when I started getting traveling pains in my arms, legs, hands, feet, and shoulders. Sometimes my wrists or ankles would burn. I would get a stabbing pain in my finger or toe. The pain feels muscular but it is mostly burning. I sometimes feel pins and needles. I also have a history of interstitial cystitis which cleared up 15 years ago. I sometimes get a weak headache and am very fatigued, at times. it is worse at night. Now here is the deal breaker, at the same time, I got a muscle twitch in my hand (Neuro said no weakness, nothing is wrong). Just about a week ago I started getting twitches in my feet, where I have pain but no cramps, And I frequently feel a twitch in an arm or leg. I am wondering if I really have bfs and see a neuromuscular specialist on Tuesday. I am somewhat terrified of als but understand it doesn't come on suddenly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

there is many symptoms to fibro and i have found that they come and go, i have had all of what you describe and even after 8years i still find i have other symptoms but my mam has fibro too and im reassured when i ask her and she says she feels the same
As lynlou said, there are so many different symptoms of fibro. If you are really wondering whether or not you have it, you could consider getting a second opinion. There are also some online "tests" that you can take in order to help you but I wouldn't base anything on those tests alone. I think it's best to take a diagnosis with a grain of salt and work on healing and getting yourself to feel better instead.
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