Is Your Pain More Prevalent When You are Stressed?

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Jul 31, 2013
It took me awhile to realize it but when I have a lot of stress, my pain increases dramatically. It will actually send me to bed, it is so bad. Does anyone else experience this?
Sometimes I do have more pain when I am stressed. I think this is only natural. When your body is under more pressure, it is likely that you will not feel as well. This can come out as being increased pain.
Yes stress makes things a lot worse for me. If I am under a lot of stress I get more pain and shakes. All I can do is just go to bed and hide from the stress.
Yes, when you are under stress your muscles will get tense and ache more for longer periods of time. Also your temper will be shorter and you will be angry and nervous in dealing with other people. So the best thing is to reduce strees even if it means staying in bed for a few days resting up. Stress causes problems with your sleep patterns and puts all your daily projects to the test of getting anything done or done right.

Learn to say no, and rest as much as possible. Do not over do, but pace your self to get jobs done. Relax and smile a lot.
It appears we are in agreement. I have daily stress but it is livable. When I have added stress, it sends me screaming (not really) to bed. I warn my husband when I am under too much stress--I do not need the additional pain and everyone mostly leaves me alone. A former spouse would not have done that. This is an improvement:) I have a well behaved grandson, 17, who does not give much stress so all I have to do now is live with this damn disease (excuse)It would be enormously helpful if I could figure out a way to make a living with it, though. I can hardly walk from the grocery store to my truck--ah well...
Oddly, I have managed to avoid the shakes. Whew! I hope you're okay but relieved this is one symptom I can, so far, avoid! When did they start and when do they appear--during stress?
If I am under a lot of stress or over tired I get the shakes and very nauseated. This is one of the first symptoms that appeared with the migraines. I can pretty much keep them under control by sleeping/napping and avoiding stressful situations. Unfortunately there are things/stressors that I can not control but they are few and far between now.
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