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Jul 13, 2022
So I am just starting out with the actual diagnosis. I have been telling my therapist and doctors for years about how I was feeling and was told it was all somatic. So yesterday I started coming off Prozac and starting Cymbalta. I was already really struggling with fatigue and I take supplements to help with it but today I just feel dead. I’m not even at the mg my doctor wants me at by the end of the month. Does this get better? Cuss at least with Prozac and the b12 I was alive!
Hi chance, and welcome in! - 👋

Sorry to hear your diagnosis- and then med-switch is making you feel dead. Don't know how it's possible to feel alive on fluoxetine/Prozac ;-), but going on duloxetine/Cymbalta can cause quite some problems for some. Some get used to it and get help from it for depression and pain, others don't. Zombification, if that's what you mean by "feeling dead", is what I got from amitriptyline and also some supps.

Cymbalta may be one of the best bets if you have depression and fibro pain (not a good bet, but there isn't much that works for fibro med-wise).
What I'm wondering is if the problem is caused by weaning off and in at the same time too quickly. May have seemed clever, but if it's not working for you, I'd say your doc needs to know immediately and change the strategy - going slower or trying something else.
Cymbalta isn't an MAO-inhibitor, that'd need 5+ weeks between the two, but looking at how you're sposed to switch from fluoxetine to duloxetine nps.org.au says "taper and stop fluoxetine, wait 7 days for washout, then start SNRI at low dose†§"
† = Fluoxetine may still cause interactions 5 or 6 weeks after cessation (especially from higher doses) due to long half‑life of drug and active metabolite.
§ = Co‑prescription of the two antidepressants in this instance is not recommended
Also: "All switches from one antidepressant to another may result in serious complications. Switches must be undertaken cautiously and under close observation."
Now I wouldn't ever 😇 say your doc seems to be making a mistake, but get back to them immediately!!

Generally, sunkacola's General Advice Post here is great for starters. Also @sunkacola can give you great advice about coping with depression.

I'm also wondering if you mean you've stopped B12, altho are continuing with other supps?
Maybe you'd like to swap ideas on supps.
Thanks for responding! So the doctor has me taping Prozac and building the Cymbalta at the same time. I could just be feeling like crap so to that. I can tell you I slept really good last night. Which is not normal. I’m also still taking the B12. I think without it I would be asleep already. I would love to talk supplements. I take 3 daily right now b12, d3 and folic acid.
I can tell you I slept really good last night. Which is not normal.
So that's a positive, I guess? How else would you describe the negative, the "feeling dead"?
I’m just really tired , have a headache coming and going and my alittle nausea. I’m told it’s all normal for the first week!
I’m just really tired , have a headache coming and going and a little nausea. I’m told it’s all normal for the first week!
Yeah, doesn't sound too dead, maybe half-dead? ;-) Enjoy the sleep and take it easy!
I got a split headache first day from amitriptyline and was told to reduce it first.
So this for your first day is pretty much to be expected and should get better every day.
After all it's not magic, it's biochemistry and your body has to get used to it.
Hopefully one day you'll be able to do without, just pacing, gentle physio & supps etc.

Supps: In your case of fatigue plus feeling tired, the 'normal' ones to try'd be magnesium malate, praps magnesium glycinate, CoQ10, ALA(-R) and either L-carnitine (more for fatigue) or ALC (more for fog)...
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