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Feb 3, 2013
I feel in such a good mood today.
My back is shot and sending those nasty sciatic shooting pains down my legs.
My head feel 10 times too heavy for my neck,
My fingers are puffed up to at least twice thier normal size,
I feel strangle wide awake at the moment despite only having 4 hours sleep last night
But I dont care, the sun is shining, tyhe birds are singing and I feel on top of the world!

ok...so who spiked my coffee?
Glad tat none of it's getting you down today, twiz!
Ya! Me too Sula, I am really glad that for all her aches and pains, and swelling and no sleep that twiztc is so cheerful. It is so nice when things are going so very wrong that she is so upbeat about it. It gives us all hope that we can cope as well as twiztc does. If it were me I would be groaning and moaning, and just a mess. But hey, I can't feel sorry for myself with twiztc being so upbeat. It wouldn't be right. So I have added my weird sense of humor to this post. Smile twiztc, we are thinking about you today and hope things get better soon. :)
What an awesome attitude to have Twiztc. I am so glad you are feeling happy and not letting you pain bring you down. Isn't amazing how the mere thought of spring can make us see the rainbow in the storm. I do know that feeling myself, it is like an awakening. You are an inspiration, an I am proud of your joyful outlook. I hope you continue to have a beautiful day.
After feeling so glum for what feels so long it was a pleasant change to feel happy. I've come down another from my euphoric high but at least I'm still running on a good level.
I love you guys and hope despite everything you find some pockets of joy in your days too.
YAY! Glad to hear you're feeling good!
I've been feeling glum lately as well. Not so much due to pain, just EHH. No motivation, not a lot of joy. Which are all unusual for me, as I'm generally very positive and good at finding a silver lining in all things. I am kinda wondering if it's medication related. I have one I've been on for about 6 weeks now, but just within the last week bumped it up to full dosage. Maybe it's causing that monster, DEPRESSION :confused:, to rear its ugly head. Have to think on that. :roll:
I hope for all my new found buddies out here that you are having a blessed day. It is actually a sunny, but chilly day here. Off to a wedding shower -y'all take care.
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