Ketamine infusions


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Jul 14, 2023
I currently live in Spain and have many health issues. I have suffered with depression since age 15 (now 59)and have had 2 break downs and been hospitalized. I moved to Spain because lots of other health issues meant I couldn't work any more so I sold up and left my four grown up children which they didn't understand and one of them won't talk to me even having been here for 6 years. I do not know how long I have had fibromyalgia because in the UK my chronic tiredness, pain all over my body, brain fog was put down to the depression, back injury, menopause and thyroid problems so it was only actually diagnosed and treated 5 years ago in Spain. I have degenerative back and hip problems, digestive problems - now awaiting results of biopsy after second colonoscopy and have had endoscopy, blood problems. Consequently I take a lot of meds. I have now had ketamine infusions intravenous for 2 days and in liquid form for 3 days. . Eight days after the first infusion I was pain free until I walked for 20 minutes - usually only manage 5 and use a wheelchair. I can swim only using my arms if I am able to get out of bed. After 4 days I am back to normal or worse pain and back to sleeping 12 to 20 hours a day. Has anyone else been treated with ketamine and how did you get on. I was told this was the strongest med as I already take oxycodone with naloxone twice a day which the pharmacist calls morphine. I have no quality of life as I only leave the house for hospital appointments, currently under 5 departments. Thanks for reading this to the end - it will make the arthritis pain worthwhile!!!
I am so sorry about your family members not being there for you 🥺...believe me when I say I understand only to well how that feels. I don't know much about I'll ask if you can keep us updated as you're able. Is it easier to be treated in Spain for fibro? All together I have 7 autoimmune diseases. I hope your sleep time gives you some relief.
Hello, thank you for your message. Yes, I think being treated in Spain is better. My sister-in-law who lives in the UK has had fibro for about 15 years and my treatment seems to be a lot better. I have lots of other issues and under the hospital system I see specialists in the Pain Unit, Reumatology Dept, Hematology Dept, Mental Heath Unit, Digestive Dept and I have regular blood tests, several MRIs, whole body GI scan and lots of other scans and all between I-3 months' wait for next appointment or sooner if necessary, and seeing a doctor is so much easier here than I remember it being when I lived in the UK, about 5 years ago. So fair I am feeling a lot better most days since the ketamine infusions but it was for the fibro and depression so i still have pain in my hip and back every day but I'm grateful for any improvements. I was hoping someone else might have experienced it to see how long the effects last, although I have my next dose in November. I'll keep the site updated. Have as good a day as you can :)
Good morning @Angesarah
Whilst I cannot add any comments to you treatment, I just wanted to wish you well and say thank you, for despite your pain and multiple heath problems you still remembered to wish another member the best day they can have.

Something that may seem such a small thing can make a huge difference to another person. Thank you for reminding me to so myself more often. Take care
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I do not have experience with Ketamine, but would like to know how it works for you in the long run. Have you noticed any side effects?
Perhaps your children miss you terribly and need your affection. I know I sure miss my Mamma and need her desperately. It hurts so bad not to be able to be with her.