Late period arrival (and PMS)

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I notice I’m a wreck emotionally before my menstrual cycle, which makes me susceptible to flare ups, and then when it shows up, the pain in my lower back is horrendous but my emotions sometimes ease up.

Well, I got super stressed out since my last cycle, and this one was over a MONTH late. It just showed up today and I’m fatiguing badly and sore.

***Anyone else have this? Any recommendations? I recently picked up THC oil, so I hope that helps.
I strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor about this.
Often people with fibromyalgia tend to attribute every thing they experience to the fibro because there are so many symptoms of it and they are so varied. But this, like other things, can be a symptom of something else entirely and should be thoroughly investigated medically. THC is not going to regulate your menstrual cycle, although it may help with the pain. See your doctor and find out what is going on that causes your cycle to be so irregular.
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