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Apr 30, 2013
One of the few pleasures I have left is watching great comedy. Not the sitcoms that broadcast television networks hype with every new season, but comedy featuring irony, satire, and/or British humor.

I like smart comedy, produced with writers understanding that their audience isn't stupid. They deliver the punch lines without beating the humor do death a laugh tracks and four-letter words.

Laughter helps lighten my mood but, more importantly, I find the mental exercise provided by these subtler comedy styles therapeutic.

What type of humor do you enjoy? How does it help you?
Having a good laugh at times is good for everyone. I find that if I am feeling really poorly health wise, some good humor can help. Even laughing with a friend or two seems to make me feel better. It is a good form of "medicine" without the side effects.
Not exactly sure altho humor has helped me through things my whole life. I have immersed myself in Castle of late--whatever takes your mind off the pain.
We are finding out, unfortunately, that whoever coined the phrase "laughter is the best medicine" may have been on the right track. Not much laughter around here these days but I do manage to find humor in the strangest things!
I think that what we find is enjoyable humor is unique to each person, which is probably why we have so many different styles of humor. I really think that laughing helps a lot, and I have read that it stimulates the endorphins, or something like that, so it actually helps lower pain, not just divert our minds to something else, although that helps also.
I don't like overplayed humor either, but my husband loves things like the Three Stooges and Red Skeleton reruns. It all depends on each person.
I also enjoy watching the funny videos of animals like they have on YouTube and Animal Planet. To me, watching the animals is a natural, unexpected form of humor, since you never know how an animal is going to react.
Everybody says that laughter is the best medicine, and I have to admit that I agree with that a lot of the time. Of course, there will be things that you can do with regards to medication, but often it is much better to make sure that you're simply happy in your life, as this will allow you to face everything that you have to deal with in a positive way.

It has been found that even things like watching a comedy DVD can give you a bit of a boost, so this is something that it is worth doing if you feel as though you're a little down at the moment. Every little helps, and laughing an certainly cheer you up a little bit when you're feeling down. It won't solve all of your problems, but in the short term it can really be brilliant.
I cannot get into the Stooges but my husband thinks they are cool. He checked them and The Little Rascals out of the library to show grand kids. They were bored to tears, went off to play.
My favorite author is Anne Lamott; she is very funny. I've read and reread her work several times.
The clever repartee of fun friends is the best humor to me. I actually like my own words, as well when I write humor. I kill myself, if you must know:)
Laughter is so underrated! Genuine laughter and a general at ease with a situation does wonders for the mind. I am such a huge believer in mind set and how it affects day to day life :)
One of my favorite authors is Patrick McManus, who grew up in a small Idaho town, and writes hilarious stories about his life there as a boy, riding his bike and camping out with his friends.
I first read one of his books when I was in the hospital with a broken leg. I really wanted something to read, but they had me on so much pain medication that I could barely look at pictures. So when my friend Joy thoughtfully brought me her 10 Translation Version of the Bible, there was NO way that I could even begin to focus on that book ! Happily, when I showed my other friend, Norma, she came in the next days with her husbands Pat McManus book, They Shoot Canoes. I laughed so hard, I was almost rolling out of that hospital bed, it was so funny !
After that, I was a definite fan of Pats stories....
I lied when I said the funniest thing was repartee with freinds! The most fun I've ever had is with our seven year old grand son, Braden. Where does he come up this stuff? Funny, funny kid! You have to be smart to bve that funny and this little guy doesn't miss a thing!
I like watching nature programs. I find them very rejuvenating and I don't get bored. I learn a new thing about so many animals every time I watch one. Animals can be very entertaining and funny too so they take my feelings and thought away.
I get bored with television, but I've really enjoyed watching The Wonder Years with my hubby on Saturday mornings. It's lightened up my mood on plenty of occasions. I'm a pretty introverted person and really like alone time, but the best laughter always comes from calling a couple of my friends who just love to laugh.

I really enjoy video games (not the violent shooter games, but the story-based adventure and role playing games with lots of puzzles and things to accomplish that aren't violence related.) The funniest video games I've ever played were the first two (original) Monkey Island games that came out in the late 80's (they're Lucas Arts adventure games, and I've found all Lucas Arts adventure games to the most fun games ever.) They're still popular today and easy to find for modern computers. The whole game is about a guy who wants to be a pirate, and he goes on a quest to become one. "Fights" with other pirates are through learning insults and replying with them appropriately - hilarious insults! Otherwise, you have to do figure out how to accomplish things, and the correct methods are always ridiculous and fun, such as using a rubber duck to zip line. Figuring out what you're supposed to do with the rubber duck was the fun part. The story is a lot of fun, light-hearted, and whimsical.
I miss video games but get tense and end up in more pain. Anyway, there is a little comedy club not far from our house and my wife and I go there from time to time. Food is decent and they make a fair drink. It's always fun and you don't break the bank.
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