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Dec 10, 2014
Well. I have learned not to mess with a good thing! Last month I went and saw my doctor and asked her if we could try Lyrica instead of Nurotin which I have been on for a little over a year. She agreed to switch the meds up.... okay this is what happened :oops: ..... After a few days of taking the 75mg twice a day dose of Lyrica my hands and feet started to swell, I started having horrible flare up again to the point I didn't want to get out of bed, I couldn't even handle the water in the shower hitting my skin, just having someone touch me made me want to cry bc the pain was awful.
So today I returned to my doctor and told her everything that had been going on, and said that maybe Nurotin was the best answer for me at this time. To which the doctor agreed of course, and said that Lyrica was not effective for my and that the swelling was an allergic reaction. She also changed my muscle relaxer from Flexril which I have been on for 5 years to Norflex and up'd the Nurotin to make it more effective and added a medicine to help me sleep. I am very against pain meds at this time, I have had the option of going to a pain clinic offered to me and turned it down. I view that as my last resort.
I do realize that stress and not sleeping can cause flare ups and the pain to become more intense. I am hoping that going back on the medication that I know works and adding two new meds will get me on the right path again so I can get up out of bed and enjoy the holidays!:p Hoping I have made the right choice.
Not open for further replies.