List Your Favorite Books On Fibro

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Feb 4, 2013
I have owned many books over the years on Fibromyalgia. When first diagnosed, I think we all run out and buy anything we can find. Some end up telling us nothing and others are given a special place in our bookshelf where it is easily seen for when we need it. I thought it might be handy to have a spot to let everyone else know the best books on the subject.

My over all favorite is called: A Patient-Expert Walks You Though Everything You Need to Learn and Do, The First Year Fibromyalgia, by Claudia Craig Marek. This book is an essential guide for the Newly Diagnosed.

It contains everything you need to know and best of all how to handle all the symptoms that come with the diease. From start to finish it is the most intense book to give you the small details that doctor's often leave out. It is worth the cost. I am sure if your local book store can not get it for you that it is available at Amazon.

Now it's your turn tell me what books you have or have read that helped you the most, so we all can be better informed.
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The Idiot's Guide to Fibromyalgia. I've always like these "for dummy" type of books. An easy read, easy to follow and often well written.
David, that is the first book I bought on fibromyalgia and it has a lot of useful information in it. I am going to look on Amazon to see what other books there are.

This is a super interesting book that I was completely saved my life, I am completely healed for 2 years and I have suffered from fibromyalgia and excruciating pain for 2 years, I took a lot of drugs, I saw a large number of rheumatologists, neurologists and pain control center, I was desperate, depressed and helpless, like many of you, I ran to helplessness and incomprehension doctors and I was very skeptical before reading this book, I thought "still a scam ..." but I've even tried natural therapies and techniques and it changed my life completely, I have no joint or muscle pain (when I was 14 spots), restful sleep, tone and energy excellent addition to any migraines or headaches, burns, restless legs and various ENT disorders, I got my life back. This is a book written by a former fibromyalgia so she knows by heart the problem. I wanted to share my experience and the chance I had to heal.

The book is in French and is called Geurir La Fibromyalgie Enfin C'est Possible

The book is very easy to translate.
Thanks to all who are adding the books that help them to deal with fibro. I have one book that I need to look it up on Amazon. It was about the muscle groups that are affected and how the use of phyical therapy could relief the pain. It was a bit technical and hoped in the begining of my illness, to identify muscle groups and placement and how one area affects another area. I will post it when I find the name and author. Please keep adding to this list.
Amazon has a section devoted to books on fibromyalgia with many of them having many great reviews, even better most of the books listed are cheaper then $5.

I liked "The Most Helpful Fibromyalgia Books" shown below:

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On the top of the list they have one with over 250 positive reviews called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia".
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I just received a book that I ordered on Amazon called 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia' by R. Paul St.Amand, MD and Claudia Craig Marek'. The book talks about a treatment that can reverse fibromyalgia. Has anyone read this book or tried the treatment recommended called guaifenesin?
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Reverse Fibro. Oh boy tell me more. I am 56 and when I read posts about people in there 20's it makes me so sad. Does anyone out there know of cases where Fibro has GONE AWAY?


I suppose if there were a way most of us would of done it by now. I am about 40 pages into the book and it seems if you cut out everything that includes salicylates which includes most fruits, vegetables, caffeine, nutritional and herbal supplements, lipsticks, pain medications, muscle balms, skin care products, toothpastes, deodorants and sunscreens to just name a few. I googled 'guaifenesin and did see some reviews of where some people claim to have had success with it. Also googled salicylates as I had no idea what was meant by this. The book says in order for guaifenesin to be effective you need to cut out salicylates. This guaifenesin is found in products such as metamusel. Going to read the book in entirety but am thinking if you have to cut out all they are suggesting it would be almost impossible for me to do. Like using deodorant and toothpaste myself :)
Love your sense of humor Indianagal. I don't think I could live to well without those items either. lol The only thing that has helped me is avoiding stress and planning ahead, and taking time out to relax and be laided back for a few days a week. It is hard to do if you have the demands of a big family, but it can keep you feeling good more of the time. I don't know what guaifenesin is, but I will look it up. Thanks for all the book listings. Anyone else have a book to share?
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