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Feb 19, 2013
Have apparently had FMS since childhood. Diagnosed myself @ age 39; had confirmation by several docs, beginning w/ neurologist. 56 now. Returned to school in 2000, but "Katrina" forced a relocation (and separation from my family) - a few months shy of graduation.

Difficult getting care - when you've passed the point where regular employment is feasible. Navigating Medicaid is tricky, yet I AM finding a few answers (how to access better care). Most therapies that might actually help are $$. Recently tried Savella. Did more harm than good. I take Elavil & Neurontin, with a little Tramadol. B-complex, D-3, fish oil, coconut oil - as I can afford.
I am 56 as well and money is a ever present problem. I am presently job hunting to try and pay for meds. Finding work is not easy. I know that I cannot be on my feet for 8 hours so am looking for a desk job. No luck yet!
Sagetree, hello. After reading your post I feel for you for I know going through Katrina, must of been horrible. I hope you were not stuck in the middle of it like so many people were. I lived in Florida, at that time and I knew the fear of when or where the next hurricane might hit. I moved to PA, so now I have snowstorms instead. lol When your on disability or medcaid, trying to work can be difficult. Working from home might work out for you. Do you get SSI or SSD? If you just want some part-time work or something easier to manage go to: Get paid online, Writing Jobs, Pay per article, Work at home and check out all the jobs available. I found 3 different jobs there that I could do from home. If you can write or blog there are many of those types of jobs as well. Just don't try to do to many at first or you will wear yourself out. Good Luck. :)
Anyone out there know of any (no scam) work from home agencies in Ontario, Canada?

Help please as I need income to pay for meds!

Thank-you fellow fibro-mates.
Hi Michelle, I've looked for things from home but I haven't had too much success. I do find, like you suggested, that a lot of it is scammy.
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