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Apr 7, 2018
Hi Everyone. My name is Sam, I’m almost 31 years old, I have 2 small children, and I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It has completely stolen my life away from me and left me in debilitating chronic pain, not to mention has completely messed my brain up with the memory loss and everything else that comes with the Fibro fog. This is all new to me, I have my first appointment coming up on April 20th with a rheumatologist. I need help!! What medications do you all recommend in treating my Fibro and my chronic pain? I want to be well prepared with an idea in my head of a treatment plan that I am comfortable with. I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice any of you would be willing to share with me! Thank you!
You may get a lot of very different answers to this. Not because people want to dissent, but because Fibro is such an individual disorder - there is no one (or even five) thing(s) that will work for everyone. If there were such a thing, everyone would be using it and there's be no problem.

I personally do not think that using a lot of medication is the way to go. I have done that and don't feel it did me any good in the long run. There is definitely a need for some pain relief when it is over-the-top, but that may not be in the form of a pill.

My personal advice is to keep getting as much activity into your day as you can. Get up, do something. Stay close to home so you can go back and rest if you need to. Do stuff around the house. Rest in periods if you need to, but MOVE your body in some way throughout the day.

Eat the healthiest diet you can for your own body. For some people this is plant-based, for others it is meat daily. Do what makes your body feel good, and if you don't know then experiment.

Stay as positive as you can. I get very heavy depression, so know at times it is almost impossible. But even when I am mentally on the bottom, it is not hard for me to remember that compared to the majority of the rest of the people on Earth I am wealthy and live in luxury, and am very fortunate. I focus on that when I can't be positive about anything else. But when I can, I try hard to think positively as much of the time as I can. Example: OK, so I had to cancel that plan and don't feel good today. Maybe tomorrow or next week will be better.

Don't live on Hope that Some Day Things Will Be Better. Live today! There is usually something that you can find to bring you joy right now.

Some say acupuncture helps; I have not tried it. Try what appeals to you, but avoid getting discouraged if one or another thing doesn't help. Just consider it research. You will eventually hit on the combination of things that works for you.

But the moving of the body and the healthy eating are not optional. Those are required for decent health no matter what, so not doing those things can only make any condition a person has worse.

Hope this helps.
Thank you. This is all new to me. I didn’t expect this to happen at all. I try to move around but there are days I’m in so much pain that it’s physically impossible. This whole situation is frustrating and upsetting.
I am a 34 year old male and was diagnosed with fibro end of last year after years of chronic pain and fatigue. I also have mild sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and Celiacs. It is not fun but it is something you can learn to live with and still enjoy life. I have tried the typical fibro meds and have not done well on any of them. I agree that medication is not always the best option. I have opted to go the more natural route because prescription meds have made things worse for me. These are the things that I have done that work for ME. Morning walks/low impact exercise, specific essential oils- (remember most synthetic drugs are derived from a natural source) Stem machine for muscle pain, stretching-morning and night, vegetable juice(taste like dirty dish water strained through a lawn mower bag but it helps) and the big one Diet. I have gone gluten free and that has helped. Also look into the FODMAP Diet. All of these health problems cost me my job. I had the opportunity to go to the Mayo clinic at the beginning of the year. The Dr's there put me on the FODMAP diet. I would be happy to send out any info on the FODMAP diet or the specific oils I use or put you in touch with the person I get my natural stuff from. I know a little bit about what you might be going through so any help I can be...
I was diagnosed 5 years ago and attended pain management courses, basically move your body but don’t over do it. Deligate include your family in your exercise, meal planning and get them to assist you with the household chores. Be good to your body with a proper healthy diet, take breaks and learn to say no without guilt when you are unable to take on any more work or commitments. I managed to stay off prescription drugs relying on over the counter medications and lotions for a couple of years. I used physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, cold laser treatments, tens over several years. I have now started Bowen therapy, it’s easier on the body than massage and have run through the list of prescription drugs where I had some relief from pain but now they have failed. My pain has gotten to the point where I can no longer work. I utilize a hot tub, swimming pool water is too cold for my muscles and take pleasure where I can. Love sunny days where I can expose my feet to the sun and the heat helps. Now that the snow is gone and it’s warming up I get out to walk outside, before I had to rely on driving to the shopping centre. Cold really bothers me so I rely on a heating pad for my neck and shoulders.
Hello SheilaM, welcome to the forum !

A while ago, I saw a post coming from you, asking me some questions regarding Fibromyalgia treatment here in Toronto, but then I lost it; I have searched it everywhere but cannot find it. Would you please send it to me again?
Hi Marie219, I was just wondering if you could provide me with either a name of a clinic or doctor in the Toronto area that specializes in treating fibromyalgia. I have been treated by my family doctor based on a treatment plan by our local rheumatologist. We only have the one rheumatologist and he isn’t seeing any fibromyalgia patients anymore. My family doctor and I have run through the list of medications provided by the rheumatologist, some had worked for a time but are no longer effective. I may have to seek a referral to a doctor in another community and Toronto will work for me travel wise and I can stay with family there.
Hi, Sheila, after doing some research, I have found different things:

1. Education and therapeutic programs offered to Fibromyalgia patients, covered by OHIP, referral is needed from your family doctor. It is in Newmarket which is near the place I live.

2. A few Fibromyalgia doctors, they are all in Newmarket, I will call them one by one tomorrow in order to find out whether they are covered by OHIP.

3. There is a Fibromyalgia doctor, he is quite well known, he wrote books about Fibromyalgia, I read his book and personally I agree with his approach to deal with Fibromyalgia. I called his clinic this afternoon and found out that, mostly, it is not covered by OHIP. He would be good but would be expensive. His clinic is in Thornhill near Markham.

4. I can also ask my friend's doctor, he is elderly and has experience, to see whether he treats Fibromyalgia or not. This one is covered by OHIP and is also in Thornhill.
marie219 what a lovely lady to go to so much trouble researching helping and supporting a fellow sufferer. :)
Hi Sheila, I haven't written for the past two days because I had to finish my work and the deadline was this morning. In fact, I worked until 3:00 a.m., then I went to bed. Tomorrow I will continue my research and call the offices for Fibromyalgia doctor.

Two weeks ago, I was introduced to a Naturopathic doctor for my Fibromyalgia and other symptoms, she ordered the remedies for me and I find them helpful.
Yeah, I am sure any of us who has suffered from this horrible fibromyalgia condition can totally relate to the pain and suffering you will be going through. I had gone through the same thing and worked diligently to find solution to get relief. In the end, we all have different trigger points and it is important to realize what triggers your fibromyalgia flares.
Depression, anxiety, Irritable bowel movement, muscle spasm etc. are all the signs and symptoms. Medicine is not the only solutions as most of the time it makes the condition worse. You should complement medicine with the change in lifestyle to have any long lasting benefit of living pain free.
Hi Sheila, I have been thinking of you and hoping to find a doctor for you. I called up at least more than 20 Rheumatologist doctors' office, most of them are hospital doctors, I got all the answering machines, they all asked me to leave the message and would return my call after 24 to 48 hours. But the result is only one called back, it was from sick Kid Hospital ! There are a few Rheumatologists that are not in the hospital, they have their own clinic, however these doctors are on vacation. I will call again few days later after their return.

Just in case, if you would like to ask the opinion of naturopathic doctor, please let me know.
Hi Shiela, the education and therapeutic programs, which I mentioned to you before, is offered to Fibromyalgia patients and covered by OHIP. I have got the referral from my family doctor and I am going there - Southlake Health Centre in Newmarket - next Monday, the beginning of the program is the assessment. I will ask them and see if there is any Rheumatologist doctor and will let you know.
Thank you Marie for all your help. I’ve been finding some relief with the Bowen Therapy and my doctor will be signing me up with a fibromyalgia class that’s offered here. It’s most likely the same class I took a few years ago but worth to check it out. I do hope your treatment plan is going well.
Hi Sam, for me I am in cymbalta which doctor has recently increased dosage from 30 to 50 mg as I experienced a bad flare up I also take low dose of trama do pain Ned as needed but usually try to avoid it. Walkibg, low in pact exercise like water is helpful. Stress & aniety trigger mine. Good luck to you.
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