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Mar 2, 2019
Hey all, I have a question.

Why are my feet hurting soooooo bad? Especially my heels. It feels like I've been standing or walking on concrete all day, and when I go to bed my lower legs and feet just ache.

Backstory, (which I know is part of it but not all of it) all those sports and clumsiness caught up to me. I have terrible knees (2 screws in my right one actually) and some blown discs in my low back along with some stenosis and DDD (yea me?) To top it off, I have an SI issue from a big kid falling on me when I was 11 ( we were playing football and it was wet out. I fell, then he fell knee first right into my hip. That was a fun 3 months of sorta learning to walk again. no yeaaa me on that one, gah!)

Do any of you have this pain? Remedies? I've been doing the Epsom salt soak and it helps a bit. I make my own balms so I've been trying one with Arnica in it and that also helps a bit.

I rarely take all of my prescribed Gabba in a day. I take it 3 times a day and 2 at a time is fine, 3 at night makes it harder to wake up in the morning and I feel foggy for hours. The baclofen helps when I get the ants in my pants feeling, which is usually in the middle of the night as I'm finally starting to fall asleep. Im a night owl/insomniac so that is really frustrating because I have enough problems trying to sleep and stay asleep.

sorry for the ramble, it's my thing apparently, haha! Hpoe you're all feeling awesome and thanks again for any info.
Hi there. sounds like your having lots of leg and foot issues. While some may be related to your back problems, as in nerve issues is there any chance you might have plantar fasciitis? An inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Your use of Epsom salt soaks are a great idea, but also try stretching exercises like this one to help the bottom of your feet.

Placing a round object under the foot and rolling back and forth can help loosen up the foot muscles. People can use a rolling pin, golf ball, or specialized foam roller for this. Sports stores and online stores sell foam foot rollers.

Use the following steps to stretch the foot:

sit tall on a chair
roll a round object under the arch of the foot
roll for 2 minutes

I used a my cold flat floor to help relax my feet andat night I would press both feet against the flat foot board of my bed and that seemed to help as well.
It is said that not wearing supportive shoes and weight issues can cause this as well. It does go away after time but you might want to check with a foot doctor to see if you have a treatable condition other then what I mentioned above.
I will try that, thank you. I've been trying to stretch more for my back so I will add this in. I could stand to lose some weight and I am mentally motivated, but I am either hurting or I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open.
I'm going to call my doc and check in and ask her about my feet.

Thanks again!
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