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Jul 13, 2013
I started having unexplainable pain a few years ago amidst a heavily physically and mentally stressful ordeal, plenty of older family members with arthritis but i was only 30! Id also developed some concurrent conditions and finally decided to seek help when my insurance improved. After referring through a few specialists I had a rheumatologist run a gamut of tests and diagnose me with fibro, along with CFS, PTSD, depression, anxiety seems to commonly be a package deal with all aspects affecting eachother. They recommended a new course of medication, phys therapy & stress reduction. Ive since moved, cut out a lot of stress, looking for a PT thru ins and started on Cymbalta. A few years ago i was given vicodin after a major surgery and my old family doc just continued it with the pain in my hands and back not really looking for a diagnosis. Now im trying to wean off both celexa and vicodin while weaning onto Cymbalta not sure if anyones experienced anything similar. When i started Celexa i experienced terrible panic side effects, felt like i was going to have a heart attack for the first few days, but this has been opposite, starting this first few days of Cymbalta ive felt like i was existing in a fog, hours seem like minutes and i cant hold attention in anything (also lost all appetite or libido), is this from the new cymbalta or the celexa withdrawal? will it go away eventually? Im really struggling with quitting the vicodin because it had become such a daily crutch for me, started for pain but ive realized now how much i depended on it to manage anxiety and depression. I know thats a bad spot to get into- I never meant to end up here and i dont want to be hooked on anything that will cause me damage. The Cymbalta is supposed to start helping both physical and psych symptoms, ill stick with the transition from celexa but I just wonder if anyone has any advice for getting out of the vicodin cycle... Just want a fresh start, thanks--
Hi There and welcome to the forum. I am very glad to hear your getting off the vicodin. It is a very addictive drug that is a bad habit and hard to break away from. You need to tell your doctor about the Cymbalta effects that you are having. Some drugs just do not work for some people, and a change of medication may be needed. I take Neurontin and it helps with the pain. There are other less bad reaction drugs that can be taken to help you sleep better. I also use Excedrin Migraine over the counter drug for pain. The vicodin just masks the symptoms and is not used to treat anxiety or depression, and using it for that reason is dangerous.

Might I suggest that you speak to your doctor about a change of medication and also try and find a local mental health therapist that you like to help you with your depression. Being depressed with fibro & CFS is natural because we lose the ability to do the things we enjoy doing and everything we try to do makes us hurt. Seeing a therapist can help you a lot by learning different ways to think differently about your condition and be able to deal with the disappointments in much better ways. Most important do not think your crazy for getting help, it is a good approach to working on a strong state of body and mind.

I have never gone through drug withdrawl, but if you can do this you will be better off for it and maybe the other meds you take will do a better job. Good Luck! See you around the forum! :)
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