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Dec 18, 2014
British Columbia
Hi again to everyone,

so I was watching a CNN documentary on cannabis oil for pain relief for many different illnesses. The show gave information that seemed incredibly promising. I have been suffering for a long time. I do have oxydone which I take a low dose of a couple times a day, however I am wondering if medicinal marijuana would be as effective if not better even.

Has anyone tried this ? I never in a million years thought that I would be considering this as a option, but after seeing this documentary it really peaked my interest, and almost gave me hope for a future where my chronic pain is managed properly allowing me to have a quality of life again. Or is this too good to be true?

Anyways, If there is anyone that could share there experiences or stories if they have tried this for pain relief could you please share with me. I am just wanting to know if it is effective for pain, what the side effects are like ect, and even the method of consumption. Is this an eatable form, or does it have to be smoked. I would rather not have to smoke anything to be honest.

Thanks, thoughts and prayers to everyone tonight xo

hi I live in uk so cant get medical marijuana, I used to smoke it up till oct . since ive stopped smoking it my symptoms have become a lot worse I would would say it helped a great deal. and there is many ways u can use it u don't have to smoke it u can bake with it allsorts of things .and YES I AGREE IT DOES HELP WITH PAIN
Lyndsey,welcome back my friend.

Yes, i use the CBD oil sometimes 3 days a week. it works great on the pins and needles in my hand instantly.
works on my arthritis in my neck and lower back. i must re-apply a few times a day.
then do not apply the next day. then you can apply a few more times that day.
so every other day apply it a few times.

i get it for a friend and it works on his arthritis as well. i get it for my wife's friend, she has breast cancer.

i also use kratom pills. you should do research on this as well. it's for pain and all natural too.

i buy it online at a trusted website. private msg if you want me to send you the trusted website.

i have nothing to do with the site or the products.

ive been buying it from them now 2 yrs. they have my CC on file.(that trust worthy or i have them invoice me with paypal).
Please read how they process the CBD. not everyone does it that way.

what i buy is called +CBD balm and ciabderm body lotion. they have many options on the website.
i use one on first day and the other the next day, then none the next day.

i was on oxycodone for about one yr. they did not affect me like normal folks.

i had to stop that drug to take the cancer pain med.(subsys) $12,000 per month.
one oxy and one subsys and i would over dose according to the manufacturer rep.

most drugs im allergic to. happens im getting lucky with those two drugs.

The morphine is not working properly for me either.

For example 6 mg should put me out cold.per the ER doctor.
Im currently on 60 mg and still able to drive and function normally.

my point is, drugs work for everyone differently.

Something interesting i learned:

My PM doctor has done a DNA test on me.
This will tell how my body is absorbing and processing the meds.

she is holding back on the results and increasing my morphine until my next visit next month.
she wants $600 office visit money first.

i hope this helped you today.
Yes, I use cannabis for several symptoms. I use the edibles every day; I struggle with nausea, & it helps so much. I have a CBD balm I use for trigger point pain. Finally, I use a sublingual oil at night to help me sleep. I have had a very positive experience with all of these.
I've smoked pot before but,,,,it wasn't regulated. Back then..., it was just pot to get high, now I BELEAVE there are definitely grown for certain ailments. I LIKE THE IDEA of using herbs. (NOW THAT ITS LEGAL) ONE FUNNY THING, I'VE NEVER MET A MEAN POT USER. THE HEE.
My first jar of CBD Oil Balm arrived and I just rubbed it on a pain spot on my knee...we'll see. It's not cheap but if it gives me pain releif for a while so I can walk better I'll stick with it. I don't want to smoke anything, my lungs are good and want to keep them that way.
I have been on medical marijuana for a while now, and it is truly a miracle for me. I was on Lyrica Tramadol Cymbalta Meloxicam and Blood pressure meds My life seem to be very grim on all these meds. I was getting so many unwanted side effects that I didn`t have anything to lose so I found a terrific Doctor who prescribed medical marijuana to me. I have slowly withdrawn from all that medication. Now I am just taking medical marijuana and nothing else. Even my blood pressure is normal now. IT IS A MIRACLE!
Oh I must stress to everyone out there I have discontinued all my medications with the close watch of my Doctor. Who can slowly reduce it himself. I do NOT advise anyone to stop taking there medications on there own, a specially blood pressure medication that could be a dangerous thing to do. I was under the care and the close eye of my Doctor I Do NOT recommend you do this on your own .You have to be closely watch by a Doctor when reducing any medications.
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