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Mar 14, 2013
For the single people or those who would like to share. What would you do if you met someone nice that you may be attracted to? And would consider dating? How do you explain fibro to them? Or do you not explain it or say anything? Or do you just not date because of this?
In my case if I felt the person was the kind of person I would enjoy being around I might consider dating. I would be honest up front about having fibro, because it is quite well know now and by the person knowing ahead of time he would not hopeful book us into an activity that would be physically to hard for me to manage. I don't think it does us or anyone else any favors to lie about health matters. If we want repect as people, we have to respect others in turn.

Like putting the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. How would you like this in reverse. Would you want someone to be honest with you, if you were considering dating them. If your answer is "Yes," then you have your answer to the question. If you answered "No," then you might want to ask yourself why not? And follow your heart in knowing the best answer to pick.

As I said personally, I would admit I had fibromyalgia. :)
I must admit that got to me when you asked about the situation being reversed. That really put it into perspective for me. And yes, I would want someone to be honest with me. I think I would be upset if they weren't. You are so right, if I want to be respected then I better give it.

I guess, any doubts I had were because I do not want to leave the impression that I am weak or incapable. But we all have faults and I need to be real and accept the person that I am.

I guess if someone cannot accept the real me then they are not what I need in my life anyway.
When I met my now husband he knew up front all the things that were wrong with me. We had known each other for some years but I felt it very important he knew the ugly side of me before entering into a serious life change. I wasn't as bad as I am now but having my mother with the same thing I was able to warn him what I could get like. On one of my visits to see him from England I had a massive flare. Bad pains, hardly able to move let alone walk and IBS to the Max. He got to see first hand how bad things could get and the dopey idiot still wanted to marry me and make life together.
if you are open and honest right off the bat that's give a the other person an out. If they don't take it then you will have at the very least a bloody good gerund. If they turn and run then they ain't worth wasting your valuable energy on.
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