More evidence showing fibromyalgia is an auto-immune response and does not originate in the brain


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Feb 4, 2013
As many of us know, fibromyalgia has often been seen by others as a "brain" issue, or "all in your head". This is both frustrating and can lead to issues with diagnosis depending on your doctor or healthcare professional.

I personally do believe this is an auto-immune disorder and not simply "something in my head", or psychosomatic.

I found the following article refreshing for two reasons; (A) it was led by the institute of Psychiatry, and (B), the findings show that fibromyalgia appears to be a disease of the immune system.

Full article here: Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems
Hi Dooi, you've probably seen the earlier thread here on this article. :)
Not sure how the Institute of Psychiatry mentioned fits to the Liverpudlians, but the study idea etc. originates from Goebel in Liverpool.... But as you say: good that psychiatrists are in on it too.
Maybe you've misunderstood "rather than the currently held view that it originates in the brain", because the article does not explain it properly. They don't mean that it's psychosomatic, like was thought a few years/decades ago, they mean CSS, central sensitization (or sensitivity) syndrome, This means that the central nervous system is so bombarded by pain, trauma, triggers etc., that the pain threshold is lowered. There are many articles and studies from about 2000 right up to 2021. The 2 main examples for this are hyperalgesia (pain amplification) and allodynia (oversensitivity to touch). Since I have never had either, I am skeptical about this hypothesis for my form of fibro, but have heard good arguments in its favour, which I wdnt want to just brush aside. Whenever I read the studies of all these central hypotheses, CSS, AI and SFN, I am not at all convinced of any of them yet. AI definitely fits to my form better than CSS or SFN tho, whilst other hypotheses like neuroendocrine causes, mitochondria/ATP problems, underlying issues like sleep disorder, low GABA would be equally viable for me, as well as biomarkers like cytokines/chemokines, gut bacteria & serum, altered glutamate metabolism and hormones, and hormones (serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine, cortisol...) seem disturbed too...
Interesting article. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for this - very helpful article x
It's quite interesting, hopefully it will help to shed some light on chronic pain. On first hearing about long Covid symptoms I thought it sounded quite familiar
Thank you for sharing. The information in this article fits my situation as I was left with FM after a 2 YEAR viral illness 30 years ago. I'm 68 now, so doubt studies will provide any relief in my lifetime, but hope for others. CB
I also read spinal trauma to the nerves cause inflammation and generalized heightened sensitivity. I am one who likely had my full fibro triggered via whip lash injuries. They led to trigger points from the top of the head to the bottom of my rib cage, myofascial pain syndrome. Still not clearly diagnosed. It was easier to medically put me under the Fibro Umbrella. However my immune active issues may have set me up to develop this too. I suspect I qualify to be considered as having Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.
whip lash injuries. ... trigger points ... myofascial pain syndrome. ... Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.
Sounds like expert physio like osteopathy, chiropractice, acupressure could help?
Thank you for sharing, anything that offers a glimmer of hope for the future is always welcome.