More evidence showing fibromyalgia is an auto-immune response and does not originate in the brain

At the back of my mind I do worry what might happen in the coming years as Fibro would make them harder to cope with. We have Parkinson's and cancer in the family. I just hope my older brother can avoid anything too bad at least and have more quality time with his family.

It can be tricky separating Fibro from other problems and Fibro itself seems to be very irritable. I wonder what future research may uncover
I agree @Badger. I have driven myself crazy trying to untangle health conditions to work out what symptoms come from what condition. End of the day I realised it doesn't matter so much. They all act to impact on one another.

In my own perspective I feel whilst fibromyalgia does have ' separate recognisable ' symptoms, I do feel it also aggrevates or intensifies symptoms relating to the osteo and inflammatory arthritis ( or at least fibro affects our pain perceptions to various symptoms ). So yes, if we develop other conditions will fibro worsen those too? Sadly, I feel it's likely.

Basically fibromyalgia seems to be crap in its own right and likes to act as a troublemaker and stirs everything else up.
Thank you very much.
As many of us know, fibromyalgia has often been seen by others as a "brain" issue, or "all in your head". This is both frustrating and can lead to issues with diagnosis depending on your doctor or healthcare professional.

I personally do believe this is an auto-immune disorder and not simply "something in my head", or psychosomatic.

I found the following article refreshing for two reasons; (A) it was led by the institute of Psychiatry, and (B), the findings show that fibromyalgia appears to be a disease of the immune system.

Full article here: Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems

I suspect FM is an inflammatory response to the ‘ingredients’ (Hg and Al etc) in vaccines. On the manufacturer’s vaccine inserts they often list MYALGIA as just one of many possible reactions. There are variables in the reactions as we are all different. Unfortunately people are too busy being triggered by this subject to actually investigate it. Pride.

Once we are diagnosed with the inflammatory condition we are then prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.. it’s a win win for the pharmaceutical companies. Cause the problem then provide the $olution.

“Trace Amounts” is a good documentary on the subject of vaccine reactions and Mercury (Hg) in our environment.
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