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Apr 14, 2016
OK, so here is a little story of what I have stumbled upon, and it probably won't work for everyone, but I imagine some...

Last week my neighbor wanted to borrow my folding table. I couldn't find her number to call her to tell her to pick it up, so I decided I would bring it over. Granted, the table weighed about 25lbs, but I was only bringing it 3 houses over, and my muscles are still very strong.

As soon as I got it there, I had to sit down, the fatigue overwhelmed me and pain started setting in everywhere. After about 20minutes, I hobbled home. A headache set in as well. I rested for the rest of the evening.

The next morning everything was worse, with new pain set in my shoulder blades and deep groin pain. I skipped breakfast and was hungry by noon. I had a cup of Greek yogurt. After 1/2 hr I got up and...the pains in my legs and shoulders were gone. The pain in my arms reduced greatly.

I had to look this up, so I found a bodybuilding site that recommends eating Greek yogurt at night, as casein protein is the best for muscle rebuilding.

I just tried it again yesterday, with just a regular yogurt (sweetened w/sugar, but low-fat). Again, muscle pain relieved, although the effects didn't last as long.

So my point is, if you suffer badly in your muscles from over-activity, or weight-bearing activity, you may want to try it, providing you are not lactose intolerant or have other issues with dairy (I know from other posts, that some of you do have sensitivities and allergies). But if you are able to have it, and you do see improvement, I would mention it to your doctor(s), the sooner the better.
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