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hi jennifer.
i am so sorry to see you back here and still worrying.
i thought you were diagnosed having fibromyalgia?
as we discussed before this can have some muscle symptoms like mnd.
what you are describing sounds like the old anxiety symptoms,i remember you were in such a state last year.
you had a email contact who are in your home town and wanted to help,did you get in touch?
i can easily find it in back dated posts if you want it.
congratulations on your pregnancy,could this be bringing the anxious feelings back?
as we discussed before your anxiety is not good for your kids or your pregnancy now.
i am afraid we can only help you if you except the help being offered,we tried so hard to help before but be honest you can be a bit irrational.
you need professional psyciatric help and support,also see the rheumatologist again.
if theres anyway i can help(realistically that is) please let me know.

I appreciate your help but you honestly make me feel like my feeling are not valid these symptoms are new and very worrisome. I was never diagnosed with fibro. I have read many of the posts on here and alot of my symptoms coralate with them. Why is it so difficult for you to beleive that this could be a poosiblity for me. I am so tired of being brushed off and made to feel like what i feel doesn't mean anything. I am having real symptoms that are something Im not trying to be rude but not everything is caused by anxiety how would that have felt for you. i come here looking for support and caeing just like anyone else. I don't feel im anymore irrational the alot of the other post i have read about other mothers my age going through similar symptoms and i never seen them made to feel this way.
hi jennifer.
firstly,i am not brushing off your symptoms.
as i recall fibromyalgia was mentioned to you by a doctor as a possible diagnosed.
you admitted yourself before you have bad anxiety problems.
i remember all your previous posts well,look back on your old posts and tell me i am not right.
i remember well because i used to worry about you so much and try so hard to calm your fears.
obviously there has been no deterioration in the past year,you can walk,speak and eat fine. no atrophy or clinical weakness.
no one can tell you you have als when you dont have it,no one can help you if you dont listen.
honestly,i really feel bad for you and wish there was something i could say that would help.

I can really relate to you. I am 36 and have 3 young kids. I got all my symptoms right after I gave birth to my 3rd. Actually, I has some during the pregnancy but related to a bad pregnancy. I have a lot of the same issues as you. I have been cleared or ruled out for als as of now (like how I say that? There is still a bit of lingering concern). I have had 2 clean emgs over the past year and non remarkable clinical s. But, the last few weeks my tongue has joined into the twitching, I Hate this the most. It does concern me. My leg twitching has calmed but the tongue is active. I always felt great that I did not have tongue twitches... My arms burn when drying my hair, infact I had to stop using a round brush because my thumb hurt and arm. My legs can burn or feel like jello when walking. Just cleaning my house today, my calf's felt like I ran the Boston marathon! My feet/ankles and calfs and hands/wrist are all thinner. I understand your fears. The muscle in b/w thumb and index is like gone, but the emg is clean there?! Again, I understand.

I don't even know where to begin. I think the most important thing is after you have the baby to get some anti anxiety med. I am not saying that is the cause of your problems! I am saying that for me, after the baby and all that i went through It was a mistake to not take them sooner. I lost alot of time crying and worrying about my family. The lexapro helped me deal with my REAL issue's in a functional way. I have the tight feeling in my throat, I use to sleep with my thumb pressing up under my chin, thinking that would open up my airway for 15 yrs. Once I went on the lexapro, that went away! IT is the only sx that went away.

I have been going through this since the end of 2008. I dont feel that I am any better but, I am not horrible worse. I thank God that I can take care of my family and drive! I mean my standard of living has changed alot in 2 yrs.

anyway, IF you want to pm me, please do. There is not one thing you say that I don't have or cant relate to. I know that your sx are very real and maybe not fibro. My family thinks that what I have or 'something'. It is hard when your muscle's are in pain and twitching and you feel weak and burned out from taking care of everything and someone in the family says 'whats the matter with you?' When they know the problems that I am having. We look fine on the outside, so people don't understand the rest. My husband kinda does, he see's the tongue twitching and leg jerking and all my issues so he has a better since of what is happening to me. When I showed him my tongue twitch, he thought the scalloped tongue was more of concern. My als doc thinks my tongue is fine and do does my Ent, so I go with that.

I still think no diagnosed is better than diagnosed. Of course a diagnosed of something treatable would be very nice. I think that their are so many strange muscle things and we may not ever know what we have.

My best wishes to you and having a new baby will be such a blessing and joy!

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