Muscle weakness

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Hello everyone. I'm just wondering if the muscle weakness experienced from als is constant or does it happen upon exertion?
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The weakness is constant and is not dependent on exertion. You will know if you are experiencing weakness as it is constant and you will always know the muscle is weak. It is hard to explain but if you have experienced it you will know what I have tried to say.
It is constant in my husbands case. I am curious as to what you consider exertion? For my husband, getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and hair, and he is so exhausted, he is ready to get back in bed. HUGS Lori
My legs get super weak after climbing a set of stairs of walking uphill. If I've been still for a while, when I first get to moving again I can feel super weak and have to stop and kind of catch my breath and stabilize. it feels like my legs will just give out sometimes but it is not constant. my other mystery symptoms are:

on/off difficult pronouncing words or using words out of context like using one word when i meant to use another...
heart irregularity and palpitations. my echo was clear and now on a 30 day heart monitor where i have to press a button when i feel a symptom and it will record for 30 far nothing major has shown up.
i get stabbing pains all over at random though i have chronic intense pain just slightly to the right of my shin. i'm not a runner.
i've been having dizzy spells which are very fleeting but still's like a plug that gets knocked slightly loose from the outlet so the power fades out but then it comes right back on. once it seriously felt like my head split in half! weird i know.
just searching for possibilities...i was on intereferon for 55 weeks and since then seemed to have developed a lot of weird quirks...sometimes i could swear there is water running down the back of my leg but there isn't. weird stuff..i wish i could find the culprit.

i'm 43.
Hi jc. The weakness in your legs is not constant and none of those other symptoms are indicative of ALS. I wouldn't be worrying as much as you are. See what the cardiologist has to say before worrying about ALS.

Hey Al, i was wondering what muscle weakness in the arms would feel like and what would symptoms of it be? I feel like my left arm only is weak, as if i had a really good workout. I can raise it about my head and move it around and stuff but then again im dropping things lots lately and have muscle spasms in the top part of my arm also. Im a little concerned, well a lot concerned as I am only 27 and this is really giving me the worst anxiety of my life. :-(
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