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Mar 14, 2013
Does anyone have a favorite song or band that they listen to for relaxation? Sometimes it does not even have to be a melody. It can be just a fun song. Anyone remember Hotel California by the Eagles. I have rediscovered this song and have been playing it alot. It just makes me happy for some reason.
I enjoy Celtic music. The violin music has such a deep reaching, soul searching feeling that it almost makes you cry to listen to it. It makes me mellow and relaxed, and makes me want to try learning to playing violin. My favorite cd's are Celtic Moods and Secret Garden music.
The music from The Lord Of The Rings, is some music by Secret Garden, the lulabye and May it Be, and more etc.. that are celtic experiences.

I also enjoy country western and tunes from the 60's and 70's, 80's and 90's. My other favorites are Sheila Walsh and Josh Turner, and of course Cher, and lastly Celine Dion. I just love listening to her music and the way she can reach those high notes. It is truely a wonderful beautiful voice that she has.

I put on music when I am really hurting and lay and listen to it until my muscles relax and the pain goes away.
I also like Cher and Celine Dion. I have heard of Celtic music, but I honestly have not listened to it before. I definetly have heard of the Lord of the Rings movie. I think I will look into that particular CD. It almost sounds like it may be very tranquil and pretty. I have been a fan of Celine Dions ever since she made the song for Titanic. Then after she had her children it seems like she did not record very many songs. I know she was doing shows in Las Vegas for awhile. As well as Cher. I have always loved Chers voice and her whole devil may care style. I admire her as an individual who dances to her own beat. And is definetly not pretencious at all.
Trance is my home. and my favorite of all times are Armin and Dash berlin. :) The music is just awesome. Anyone else is fan of trance?

Ok I'm doing a plug. I am my brother's biggest fan and I'm so very proud of him. He write his own music and has been famous in his own living room for years (to us anyway)
The thing is, he was morbidly nervous, panic attacks, depression the lot. Everytime he ever tried to perform inn front of people or even video camera he was a quivering mess.
He has now started gigging and last year won a battle of the bands competition and got a record deal.
So forgive the blatent advertising but he is my little brother hero and I love to sing along to his songs. I miss him terribly after moving to Canada and it a way for me to feel close to him.
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