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Jun 1, 2013
Hi new here and looking for answers....I have been in chronic pain for 5 years now, started out with being thrown off a horse and having a car accident. This ruptured 2 disks and now in Addition I have DDD with severe nerve impingement and spinal stenosis. I have been treated for that long tern but keep putting off surgery because there is no promise of improvement. To make a long story short over the last 2 years I have developed several more symptoms not related to my back such as lumpy very painful breasts, pain over my whole body and in strange places inside knees, upper back, chest area, etc.....I also have developed several lipomas on my arms and back, migraine headaches so bad I'm on daily meds for them, loss of short term memory, canker sores, joint pain without the swelling and normal arthritis appearance, insomnia and the worst of all low blood sugar episodes......I'm sure there is more i just am so scatter brained reg dr thinks I may have Fibro and is sending me to a specialist. I am surreally on cymbalta, Nuerontin, floral, Percuset and low blood sugar tell me is this all indicative of Fibro? They have ruled out through blood work all other things.
Sorry to hear you are going through that and in so much pain. I am not a doctor but it does sound like it could be Fibro and if your doctor suspects so that makes it even more likely. I hope you get the help you need whatever it is, and wish you all the best for the future.
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