My Get up and Go

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Mar 11, 2013
Has done got up and went.

I don't know what happened! Last week I was al full-steam ahead. This weekend the only major cleaning that got done was de-cluttering of the DVR by catching up on "Walking Dead" and getting 6 hours of recorded material off of it. I did manage to "swish and swipe" ONE of my bathrooms today (basically wipe the counter, sink and toilet down with a Clorox wipe and give the bowl, which has a bleach tablet in it, a quick swish under the rim). I guess tomorrow I'll get the other.

Dinner tonight was some microwaved Indian dishes and leftover lentils. It took all the energy I had left to go water my plants (and my husband went and turned on the hose and rolled it back in when we were done) and then wipe down my kitchen counters and swiffer-sweep the kitchen floor.

I wanted the kitchen really clean as we're getting a new fridge tomorrow. I'm going to need the energy tomorrow because I HAVE to clean out the old fridge. My apartment is letting me get a freezer-on-bottom refrigerator so that I can have more storage in the freezer (The freezer is bigger and has a basket instead of having to worry about carefully playing freezer tetris or having stuff fall out on my feet from 5 feet up) and I won't have to bend over to see the backs of the shelves or to get to my produce. BUT, that means that I have to be up at 9am for them to come disconnect the water line from the old fridge, then have it cleaned up by about 5pm and all the food moved from the old fridge to the new one so that they can take the old one away before they close in the evening.
i so want a fridge freezer with the fridge bit on top as that half bending kills me. but we only bought this one when we moved in 2 yrs ago so i doubt i'll be buying another any time soon.
I hope you find the energy you need
Are you feeling better today, SulaBlue? I hope that getting ready for the new fridge didn't cause a lot of extra stress or pain for you... and I hope you woke up with the energy needed to get all this done. Good news about the type of fridge they allowed you to have... sounds as if it will be a lot better for you.
I woke up wanting to go back to sleep, unfortunately, and with a lot of lower back pain. There's always more pain when I actually get 7-8 hours of sleep. Somehow it just seems totally unfair! Twiztc, I'm honestly kind of surprised that my apartment cmplex was K with this. I guess being the longest-residing resident has it's perks. The maintenance guy moved my old fridge and plugged it in, s I didn't have to rush anything. I took care of moving just one shelf at a time, then the produce and then the freezer. It's going to be SO nice not having stuff fly out of the freezer at me anymore thanks to it being a big basket! I ended up having to get down on the floor to clean under the old produce bin. I am totally too old to be doing that, and am looking forward to a long, hot bath after dinner as well as a back rub from my husband. I'd planned on looking around for awhile longer and buying once we had some other debt paid down, but with it being about $300 off due to being in scratch and dent, and being the model I'd decided I really wanted, I just couldn't pass it up. My credit card won't be happy, of course.

Thankfully my husband JUST vacuumed the carpet in the living room on Sunday. When they moved it out to my back patio until they can move it to storage tomorrow it dripped icky black water (mixed with dust I guess?) all over my beige carpet. They offered to come back and spot clean tomorrow. Having just vacuumed means I won't have to do that before they can shampoo!
I am sorry you were having this pain. But it sounds like there was some good in your days. Your husband sounds like an absolute gem of a guy. You are very lucky. And congratulations on the new refridgerator. I would not even want to know what is behind and under my refridgerator..LOL. Let alone have to get down there and clean it. Thank goodness for the maintenance people too. Sorry they made a mess of your carpet. But at least they will shampoo it for you.
Yep! They came in and shampooed not just the drip trail, but the entire 'high traffic area' from all the doors through the living room and dining room out to the back door. It's taking forever to fully dry, but it's s chilly I can't stand having the ceiling fan n right now like I normally would.
I have days when I can get out ad get things done, and then soe days are just useless, so I try to do small inside things on those days. I think when the a-fib is worse, then I just don't get enough oxygen, ad that makes me even dopier. So when I have a good day, I try to get outside, work in the yard or garden, and do what I can while I am feeling better, and can bend without hurting too much. My husband is always right there to help it, and I don't know what I wold do without that man. he is a blessing, and looks after me really well.
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