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Mar 1, 2013
I had an absolutely terrible night last night.

I went to bed the normal time, as I have a set bedtime routine, which sometimes help with the sleeplessness. I just couldn't fall asleep. Everytime I started drifting off my 22 month old son would wake up with a scream resulting in process sleep having to start over again. if only that was all. It started with a terrible headache, continues into cramps and ended up with 8 hasty trips to the loo. It is weirdest thing ever. Usually my cramps are confined to my tummy (result of the IBS) this time it was a small muscle in my calf that cramped non stop, And nothing i tried worked to relief the cramp. I think the stress of the cramp got to my tummy, I had a full eight runs to the loo, some of which I only made just in time. It was like being the fountain of poo, it just kept coming and coming and coming.

I finally fell asleep at around 5 this morning, with my feet against the headboard. (This made the cramps the least painful.) Up at 7 again to get the kids to school.

I am like a zombie today, everything is going wrong, and I just want to go hide in a corner and stay there for a week.:(
Ugh, I hate sleepless nights, they make the whole next day just awful. Feeling like a zombie sure is accurate. I hope you are able to sleep better tonight.
It's tough for those of you with children, they can't be tucked away till you feel better.
So rest up as much as you can. Hydrate.
Hope tomorrow finds you much better... hugs
Yatte, Have you ever tried wearing warm knee socks to bed. I agree you might sweat a bit, but when I used to get bad leg cramps I would wear the socks and plus sometimes put a warm quilt over my lower legs.

The warmth seemed to keep the cramps away. Sometimes it helped me to bend me toes upward with my fingers to relieve the cramp in my leg.

Another thing that can be done is lay the flat of your hand on your leg and press a bit and pull your hand up your leg in a firm manner, the whole way to the top of your leg and then do it again.

I learned this in phyical therapy. The muscles get tight and and can't loosen up without the upward massage. When I broke my kneecap this is the only thing that help release my tight muscles.

If you can get someone you know to help that makes it easier than trying to do it all on your own. Hope you feel better. :)

When we get cramps often times we press downward or in circles. Try the upward movement and somehow it helps relax muscles. It will hurt some, us with tender fibro muscles, but it help.
Thank you for all the suggestions and support. I am going to try every one of them. Thus far today seems to be a better day than yesterday, by I am still a bit tired and dehydrated. I phoned my doc yesterday and the pharmacy delivered the script half an hour later. Back on Salazopyrin for 10 days, but by that time my IBS would have settled back to manageable again. I also made an appointment with my pshycologist for a hypnotherapy session tomorrow, this really helps me to manage my stress levels and she reaffirms my breathing techniques as well.

Hopefully a week hence I would be able to give you a positive feedback report.

Thanks again for the support.

Good for you Yatte! i love your butterflies they really spark up your post. I hope you continue to improve and mostly don't hurt so bad. The conditions that cause pain are as bad as the ones that make us run to the bathroom, so those need cured first. I hope the breathing exercises work to help you relax. Sometimes it just helps being able to talk to a live body about how we feel so that we can feel someone cares about our condition and cares about us as a real person.

I think thats why I like a forum like this one where you can slowly build up friendships with others who understand where you are coming from as far as illness and pain, and fear. I hope we all can build solid fibro-friendships. :)
1sweed I totally agree with you, having someone to talk to that understands really helps.

I had a bit of a shock today, my husband and both my children have the runnings too. This means it is not a flare, just a silly tummy bug, which makes me thankful, but also I know it takes a lot longer than a non IBS person's bug to heal. At least a visit to the hospital is off the table now, and I do not have to worry about that. I am stuck with a cold as well so I am in elephant mode, running from the front and the back. I went for a double vitamin shot today. The usually do not do it that way, but I have an amazing GP that cares more and listens better than any other specialist. And just a phone call gets me what I need. The vitamins might keep me up tonight, but by tomorrow I would be kicking again.
Sorry to hear you had a rough night last night. I was doing great for a few nights then it hit me even though I took a sleeping pill. I hate the end of the week because that seems to be when I get the worst
Sleepless nights are so rough! Sorry you had such a bad time. I hope you are feeling better :)
Thank you for all the support guys.

We had a great weekend, even though I have a cold. We went fishing on a nice spot, with enough loo's to make sure I am covered. I only caught a few, but just being able to get out a bit, catch some sun and relax did me wonders. Even a sick, feverish child that kept me up all night could not get me down today. i really hope this good stint lasts a while. it did my family good as well, and even got me a few unexpected hugs from my hubby and a big kiss from my daughter.

I am definitely going to plan more family activities in places well suited to my bathroom needs.
I am not glad you all had a tummy bug. But at least stomach bugs can be explained and they go away pretty quickly. Iam very happy you got to enjoy spending time with your family. You have the right attitude. Don't let it get you down. Bad times will pass, and good memories will be put in its place. Hugs and kisses from your family members must be the best. I am glad you have lots of love and support.
It is tough for people with this type of diagnosis. It is especially harder when you have to take care of a little one. It will pay off when you get older because your offsprings will take of you. It will be worth it in the end. Today is March 17th, the post is from a while back, I hope you are feeling. You sound like a very good mother!
when i had some sleepless night i was really bored and frustated, i hope you can recover it fast and be a healthy person, good luck !
You are entitled to as many rants and vents as you want, I've found so many great friends through online support groups. They are so patient, without them I don't know what I would do. You are going through a lot, and sometimes our family and friends just don't understand so we have to rely on people who actually do, even if they are far away or in a computer screen! I wish you better nights of sleep in the future!
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