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May 20, 2019
I've been dealing with this for the last 3 years. I'm in the middle of a major flare-up and I've been going through it for over two weeks now. I've been on so many different medications and I'm still taking a ton and trying other ways of coping as well. Unfortunately nothing is working, but my biggest problem is the fact that I haven't been able to go to work in over two weeks. There's been a lot of talk about me going on temporary disability because the flare-ups seem to come more often lately and I can't seem to get it under control. Unfortunately since I'm not working I'm not getting paid either, therefore I can't afford all of the medication and my doctor's visits. I know that temporary disability takes time to kick in but my long-time boyfriend is concerned that I will only get worse. He feels that I'll go stir crazy and get depressed, and because of that my condition will get worse, and as my condition gets worse it'll be a vicious cycle. He feels as though I won't be able to do the exercise or stretches that I need to do to maintain. So basically he feels that temporary disability would be a worse situation for me but unfortunately then that means I have to try and go back to work and I'm not sure how to manage that. I'm usually the type to push through, but pretty early on I learned that this is not something I can just push through. Since I've been on cymbalta and a few other medications and I'm now taking Lyrica as well as antidepressants anti-anxiety anti-inflammatories and stronger pain medication that would normally be taken, and I'm still not managing through the day I need some advice. I need to make the decision whether to go out on temporary disability or not and I'm so confused as to whether I should since I agree with my boyfriend that the situation probably wouldn't get any better but I'm out of work as it is and unfortunately not getting paid for it if I'm on temporary disability at least I'll be getting paid. Which means I'll be able to afford the doctor's appointment add medications. if somebody could please just give me advice as to what to do since most of you understand what it feels like the last two weeks I've barely been able to get out of bed. And I think it's gotten to a point now where my boyfriend is completely overwhelmed and doesn't know how to help me. Right now I could really use the advice but also more importantly I could really use a friend to talk to somebody who understands and can just talk to me. since I feel as though my head is not in the right place to make a decision like this.
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