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Feb 25, 2013
After over 4 years of strange symptoms that left me writhing in pain, fainting, coping with brain fog and concentration problems, digestive upsets, and more I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on December 5th of 2012, 2 days after my 27th birthday.

Hi, I'm Shi and I am a Fibromyalgia survivor. I won't use the term victim, because I don't want to see myself as a victim. I'd like to think that each day I'm surviving against this crazy onslaught of symptoms. I have more than just Fibromyalgia - including NMH, IST, PCOS, and GERD - mostly related to the activity of the nervous system. My Rheumatologist states that I have one of the worst cases of Fibromyalgia she has seen. It is hereditary as my mother was diagnosed shortly after.

The battles with my illnesses have left me nearly dead, hospitalized, and unable to hold a job. Activities that I enjoy exacerbate my symptoms.

BUT there is one simple thing that keeps me from folding under. GOD! Without His help I don't know if I'd ever have been able to push through this long. Thankfully with the help of Lyrica, many of my symptoms due to nerve ending misfires have decreased, but I still have bad spurts and jobs will not hire me due to my fluctuating health problems.

I'm new to the forums and have lots to share, from personal experiences to encouragement. I've "been there and done that". Fibromyalgia has claimed (or attempted to claim) all of my 20's, and part of my childhood as well when I was suffering from unexplained symptoms that seemed to disappear in my late teens (only to resurface for the past 4 years nonstop).

I hope I can make many friends here. I've been through so much, including ridicule from others who can't seem to understand that some illnesses are invisible! We must be strong against this!

Thank you for having me~. <3

I'll let you ask questions about me that you want to know rather than getting into a whole biography ha ha. Fire away.
Hello and welcome. You write beautifully, what a wonderful introduction.
Hi there Shi,
I guess your right we are all in this together. And it is a hard thing to deal with when the insults of friends and family, and strangers come at us from all sides. When doctor's doubt us, then family members do also and it is heartbreaking. I feel your pain. And hope I can help in some ways by listening and sharing with you. Feel free to rant and to share anything you want.

That is what this forum is for, to be a shoulder to lean on. I am here to help all I can, and many others here all with help you by giving ideas and strength to go on. I agree God, and our faith in him can help us keep going when nothing else works. Don't give up on yourself, you sound like a very special person. :)
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