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Apr 24, 2013
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I've been afflicted with fibro for a number of years now. Like most of us I guess, I have good and bad periods At the moment things are pretty good. When they are bad the only thing that helps the pain that I get in my left shoulder, upper and lower back is ice packs.

I've had chiro, physio, massages and probably everything inbetween, x-rays, MRI scans and all sorts of medication over the years. My trusty ice pack is the best form of pain relief when I'm having a chronic episode. I ice for 15 minutes, then remove for 45, ice, and remove. I've even sometimes had to go to bed with the ice pack on when I'm having a major flare up. You kind of get used to the pain after a while. So when it does recede it feels like something's missing!
Welcome to the forum. It seems like you have tips and tricks and will be able to help many people on here :)
Welcome to the forum. It seems like you have tips and tricks and will be able to help many people on here :)

Thanks for the welcome.

No tricks and tips really, it's a case of finding out what works best for you. In my case it's the ice packs. But that won't necessarily be the best pain management for others. It's trial and error, I'm afraid. :-D
hi, painful childhood-'growing pains!' bad pregnancies, long births, 1st one 61 hrs, 'quite normal 1960'- treated for arthiritus but not sure i had it! it's been quite a long painful journey ( I'm 73 )- but hey, that's life. what is wearing beside endless pain? I was diagnosed with fibro about 15yrs ago- at last ! a reason! but most drs don't seem to think there is such a thing ! lovely lady rhuematism etc specialist told me i needed more 'me time' i'm retired for heavens sake ! so what's the answer?
I too believe I have had this since childhood. I had difficult pregnancies, 2 miscarriages 2 c-sections. I think some of the nurses I worked with recognized I had this long before I realized it. I was injured at work when a patient passed out and I caught and strained to keep the patient from being injured. Then later was injured in mva (twist spinal cord injury). I am trying some new supplements out of desperation to escape the pain and fatigue. Has anyone had any success use l carnitine? I am on Neurotin and Tizanidine, amlodipine / supplements are GABA, Stresscare for adrenals, Vit c, methyl b and Solgar 800 mcg folate, Vit d 50000/ week and 4000 d / day, black cohosh when I can't stand it anymore. I also have Dysautonomia and bottom out pretty bad and often. Copper toxicity so I drink only spring water and follow a low copper diet. A gf and allergic to corn, shellfish, strawberries, ragweed( I avoid ragweed related foods), latex, pine. My bp is better at times since the new supplements but it is tree pollen is high here and I have had mast cell reactions. I avoid sulfates due to the fibro So I might be more the pollens. I can hardly get out of bed for very long but once up a couple days a week I am able to get to store and short visits. Then U am exhausted all over again. Any advice?
Welcome to the forum. I am glad you found something that works for you. As you say what works for one person may not be the lifesaver for the next, but knowing it's out there helps people who are crying out for help. In my case ice packs would make me worse. I can use them on my head and neck area, but otherwise I would have even worse pain and cramps from using ice.

I like warm baths and using my vibrating full-length mat that makes me feel like I am getting a body massage. Resting and not pushing myself to hard is also a good thing. Please read around the forum through the questions and answers, to maybe get some other tips that will ease your pain or your stiffness in the muscles. I hope you had a good day. :)
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