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Apr 21, 2013
Hi everyone........Im a mom of 4....married to a wonderful man of 23yrs. I have had fibro for over 13 yrs. I have still yet to find a good Dr. I have been seeing one for the past 4 years and thought she was good.....she said she believed in fibro then out of the blue this year she said it was a junk diagnosis! She had me on vicodin ..... I had tried all the anti depressants, muscle relaxers, and lyrica, tramadol. None worked. Then I got sick with gastritis, and she blamed the vicodin.....not the advil I had been taking daily. She was so rude and basically didnt want to help me because now I have another problem. I took myself off the vicodin and advil.

I'm so done with Drs, I no longer trust them after 13yrs of all of this.

My main or has anyone had gastritis? I'm getting better after 2 months but its slow going. Oh and its been a month since being off vicodin for 3 1/2 yrs that im trying to deal with all this pain and feel like I'm losing my mind.

Sorry for being so long winded.

So glad I found others who understand.
Glad you found this forum. There are a lot of helpful people here, as well as, lots of good ideas on managing the pain of fibro. I am happy to hear you got yourself off of vicodin, it does a good job of killing pain but it is highly addictive. I hope your gastitis clears up as well. I have tried many different medications for pain and after being allergic to most of them I stick to using over the counter meds.

I don't know what it is about doctor's that string patients along and then dump them when the going it's rough. I have had good doctors and bad doctors over the years, but it is the bad ones that help patients develop depression. I lived in Fl, for over 24 years and had more choices for doctors down there compared to up here in Pa., but a good family doctor can help you, much better than a rude specialist once your diagnosised.

Anyways, look around the forum and read the topic's on pain management. I am sure you will find a few helpful tips and other ideas on managing pain without so many drugs. Since this has been on-going for over 13 years, maybe you have some answers to other people's questions that will help them cope as well. I look forward to seeing you around the forum and getting to know you through your posts. Hope you had a good day without to much pain. :)
Thanks 1sweed, I will definitely help out when I can, sadly though I'm just as lost as I was when I was first diagnosed. I have seen rheumatologists, Neurologists and finally regular pcps. And im still looking, but u get tired and sometimes need a break from Drs.
Wow, that is incredible to hear that your doctor called it a "junk diagnosis!" :-( Is that because she thinks you have a different illness, or do you mean she thinks Fibro isn't "real" for anyone somehow? I know some doctors thought that years ago, but I was under the impression that at least most of them are more well-versed on it now!
Ummm when I first went to her she believed it, 3 yrs later she said it is a JUNK diagnosis, for everyone. She said they use that when Drs don't know what is wrong with you. Needless to.say im searching.for a new Dr!

I was diagnosed by my pcp, then diagnosis was confirmed by 2 rheumatologists. So who knows.
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