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Jun 11, 2013
Hi-- My name is susan. I have had fibro for almost 10 years..I should say that was when I was diagnosed. I suspect I have had it a lot longer. I too have been tested for Lupus, ect ect. I have had Lyme disease, but these Fibro symptoms are more frustrating. The rain is making my joints and legs ache horribly this week. I was wondering if anyone has IBS also? I find that when Im having a flare I need to stay near the bathroom. Is this just me?The other odd thing I have is when my fog kicks in..I stutter..I can't seem to get my words out. Well anyway--it is good to find support as even my Gentle supportive Husband gets tired of my aches and pains.
Red Sox Fan, Welcome to the forum. A lot of us are suffering with aches and pains do to this cold rainy weather. And IBS, is a constant here as well. Please read the sections in the forum that deal with such topics as some have come up with ideas on how deal with this problem. I hope that being on this forum helps you cope better and maybe get some answers on best ways of managing your fibro.

By the way my dad played for the red sox when he was a young man. He did a carreer change but always looked back with fond memories of his time playing baseball. Look forward to seeing your name around the forum. :)
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