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May 6, 2013
Almost three years ago i was diagnosed with fibro and sent to a neurologist and psychiatrist. The psychiatrist put my on lexapeo and cymbalta. He said he couldnt do more until they got the pain under control. Three months ago the neurologist said he couldn't do any thing more for me and sent me to a pain management clinic. I was surprised whenon my first visit the doctor barely talked to me and then gave me 6 injections in my back and neck (TPIs). she continued to do this every two weeks for the last 3 months despite the fact it wasn't helping. The other strange part is they always brought in an ultrasound machine but only used it if someone else was with me. So finally she decided to do a medial branch block on both sides of my neck today. They were supposed to give me a sedative to help with my chronic anxiety and Darryl (my fiance') was supposed to be allowed to be in the room with me. They had Darryl leave and said they would call him back in when they were ready. The next thing I knew the doctor came in and put the shield over my face. I asked about the sedative and were Darryl was and the doctor said he would be right in. Next thing I knew she was sticking needles in my neck. I was gripping the table so hard and tears running down my face. But they just kept going. When they were done they had me get dressed and moved me to the hallway. Didn't show me to another room or anything. Finally they showed me to a room and then asked if I wanted Darryl cause I wouldn't stop crying. Darryl was so pissed when I told them what they did and asked about the sedative. They finally gave it to me afterwards. I need to know if this is normal or are we right in thinking we need to find another pain management doctor? I am currently on 10 prescriptions on top of these injections. I can't drive and haven't been able to work for three months.

Valerie in Georgia
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Welcome to the forum. I would say you need new pain management. It seems they are not playing fair in dealing with you. If it is for the fibro, you need to go see a rheumatologist. These other doctors do not know much about fibro, and the biggest share of them don't even believe there is such a condition. When doctors treat you like your a number, not a person its time to move on out of there. I left many a doctor behind when simple questions were not answered and they were rude or just plain wasting my money and time.

It always makes me sad when I hear of someone else going through similar problems like I had and when the patient begins to doubt their own selves after such treatment. So the most important thing you need to hear is: YOUR NOT CRAZY! Your normal, and most of us have been stuck right where you are doubting ourselves instead of the people treating our conditions.

Please go see a rheumatologist. ask around and get a good one. Let us know how your doing. Okay? Send me an instant message, I can help with some info on another problem you mentioned in another thread. :)
Thank you so much for your kind words and helpful advice. I literally cried when I read your post and showed it to Darryl. We are calling my insurance provider and filing a complaint on the doctor and calling first thing in the morning to get an appointment with my general practitioner and asking for a referral to a rheumatologist. I am so grateful to have found this forum as I know feel I have a group of people who not only understand what I am going through but also make me and Darryl feel like we are not in this battle alone. After three years of this we really were feeling alone. Thank you again I just can't explain to you what you have given us.

You are so very welcome. I hope you find a good doctor in the rheumatology dept., someone who treats you fair and square. I am very glad you found this forum because all the people here care about and support each other through messages or posting. Please take time to read through the different posts and hopefully you will find some questions that the answers given match up with some of your symptoms and you can find more ways of relieving your pain.

I am glad also to hear that you and Darryl, have a supportive relationship and he listens and helps you in all ways. This is so important when dealing with any illness, knowing your loved ones will back you up. :) If I can help with anything else send me a message and set your self up to receive messages. Hope each day is a bit brighter and happier than before.
I am so sorry for the way you were treated..........YOU are the one with the pain and the symptoms , THEY are not ! No one should be treated in such a condescending manner (although , and unfortunately , it happens to many of us ). Were you ever seen by a rheumatologist ? You need to be referred to via your family physician (sorry , I am making an assumption , as that is the way for us in the Maritimes)....
If he can't show you any respect , feel free to try another one . Good Luck and keep us posted . I am so glad to hear that Darryl is such a wonderful support for you (so is my husband) , so I know how rare it is .
Gentle hugs,
Virgo Lady
Valerie, It sounds like they are not quite sure how to deal with your situation. Some medical professionals can be very cold and uncaring. And unfortunetly this sounds like you have such a doctor. I would try to look for another doctor and never forget you have a voice in all of this. This is your body and your life. They have no right to treat you with anything less than 100% dignity. Yo should not be walking away from the doctors feeling defeated and sad. Their job is to help and comfort you. I really hope you find a doctor who has alot more compassion. And i will say a prayer for you.
Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and prayers. I have found a rheumatologist and will hopefully get an appointment soon. I also repoted them to my insurance company. Now I need to get a copy of my medical records from them.
You are not crazy. They may have not given you a sedative previous to the scan because sometimes that can affect the outcome of the tests. As far as just setting you out in a hallway with no fiance, that WAS rude, but people can be rude especially in hospitals. I think if it happens again you can try out someone else to see if it is worth it but you may get the same result. Hospitals are not supposed to be pleasant. Next time you go bring a favorite book or a favorite sweat shirt to grip on to. Something that can comfort your anxiety a little bit. I suffer from anxiety too and hospitals are just that much worse because of it. So no, you aren't crazy, your just hurting and vulnerable. Good luck with a new clinic if you decide on that. :)
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