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Feb 4, 2013
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Hi, it's nice to find a comfortable place to talk about Fibromyalgia. I'm also a member at similar forums and like the camaraderie.
Hello everyone!

My name is Angelica but most call me Angie. I recelty joined this forum because I have never heard of Fibromyalgia and once I saw this forum, I became very interested. I don't have knowledge to share but I am excited to hear the stories you guys have to share.
It's not really something to be excited about :(
Hello, I'm Amy. I introduced myself in a thread but figured I would post in here as well. It is nice to get to know other people who are dealing with fibro or are also interested in it. My mother was recently diagnosed after several years of struggling with the symptoms to no avail. I have joined this forum to find out more bout fibro, especially since I will be caring for my mother when she needs it. :)
Hi there, my name's Dave,
I've had a familiar diagnosed with fibro, I'd like to know more about this..
I'm usualy a positive and upbeat person so maybe we can also talk about other subjects that make us smile. :p
It's not really something to be excited about :(

I presume this message was directed towards me so I will address. Evidently, this condition is nothing to be excited about and it doesn't state anywhere in my post that I am excited about this condition. It states that I am excited to hear and learn different things. I am an adult and would never stoop to a lower level and debase anyone living with this condition. Exuding negativity is unbecoming.
I agree with you. He may not have understood but I definitely did by what you meant. I am equally as excited to have found a forum where I can openly discuss every aspect of fibromyalgia. It is good to receive and provide people with support, advice, and guidance. I am learning that this forum is a great place for that.
My name is Adrian I am currently undiagnosed with Fibromyalgia,does anyone know of a good dr in the state of Connecticut,my pain and discomfort is getting to a point where I am close to losing my job Thanks
hi im jules i thought it would be good to join this group and talk to others who understand fibro and what being in pain all the time is really like
Hello everyone my name is Angela I live in East Central Minnesota. hope to meet some of you online here
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