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Apr 16, 2013
Just to say hi to everyone on here. It's gonna be interesting to read your comments/blogs and to share my pain with others who understand. At the moment though I am very tired and so hope to be back later :wink:
hey Harley51,

just thought id drop by and say hi x
Hello there, I hope you have taken the time to look over the forum and been able to see the benefit the questions and answers bring to the members. The questions are on everything from pain management to hobbys, being tired to having aching bones and muscles. The answers we give try to offer hope and encourage to all who come here. Fibro is an illness that involves many parts of your body and can be as mellow as a lamb and mean as a hungry tiger.

Be sure to jump right in and start answering other peoples questions and asking a few of your own. Add a bit of humor, as humor makes coping easier to bear. :) We will do our best in helping you out.
hey Harley51,

just thought id drop by and say hi x

Hello there, thank you. I would have posted stuff earlier but forgot all about this site :eek: lol! I suppose that's one of the conditions with fibro........nothing to do with getting older :wink: xx
Good morning :) thank you for that. I am having a look around the site - it certainly gives an insight to just how many sufferer's there are - unbelievable. But at the same time, it's sort of comforting to know that I'm not the only one - you just can't comprehend that other's suffer with this terrible pain :( xx
Hi Harley,

I apologise for not responding sooner but my dad passed away just over 2 weeks ago, and ive had the funeral to deal with aswell, of course all the upset and stress has kicked off my ME AND Fibro, so im just drained and in agony with the pain, plus found out ive got the early onset of osteoarthritus in my knees, so have to go for a scan to see how bad and anywhere else i have it, so really no been a good time at all.

yes its unbelieveable how many of us there are, and its nice to chat to somebody with the same conditions, well i hope you are having a pain free day, and it be lovely to chat again soon xx ;)
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