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May 25, 2014
Hello. I am Mehlisue. I am 57 years old, grandma of 8 wonderful children. In 2004 I had a accident that never seemed to heal. The doctors told me that the pain levels were of a unknown origin after a healing time had come and gone. that began my years of suffering that no one knew what to do about. In 2007 I contracted Lyme from a tick bite. If I thought life was tough before, I was certain that what ever was going on in my body was gong to be the death of me.

I still often fight the diagnosis that has been pinned on me of Fibromyalgia. Main reason, there are many test that have not been done as the doctors now want to label me with a emotional mental problem. Hey, i am not a attention seeker, I am a woman in distress and no one can tell me what is going on. I was miss diagnosed several times because of the label of Fibro. A missed bursting gallbladder that was a emergency surgery. Gee whiz I told you I was in pain. Kidney stones, again, what did they think the blood in the urine was about?
Migraines out of this world, Here have some more Antidepressants.
Chest pain? Okay after a two week stay in the CCU, I have a serious heart valve issue. NOT FIBRO doctors. So my life has lead me to believe that many disorders and illness is over looked because when you are labeled, they over look the obvious.

The standard treatments for Fibro I have not been able to tolerate, so I have been left with find your own natural solution, just don't take this and that and the list is extensive.

Okay, so why would I not have serious questions about the diagnosis of Fibro why so many professional doctors have missed some very serious issues. :-?

I hope to find support for the many times I have questions from the true Fibro sufferers who will give me a honest answer about their experience.

I have my ups and down days, well sometimes weeks, but I am not always a basket case. I enjoy gardening, reading, and singing.

I hope to be of help as to be helped.
Thank you
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