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Jan 8, 2014
I am a new member although I signed up a long time ago I finally decided to post after some recent crappy events. I decided to share my story with you all in hopes of finding someone who can relate, which I am pretty sure most of you can. But anyway, I apologize for the length of it in advance, here goes:

When I was 17 I got into a pretty significant car accident. A woman in a minivan turned left into the driver side of my Honda. It was an extremely busy day at work so I drove my now totaled car the last 10 minutes to work and worked 6 hours. My back was in a lot of pain so afterwards I went to a walk in clinic where the gave me a whiplash diagnosis and some Vicodin. This is when all hell broke loose. The pain continued and it just got worse. I saw spine specialists, massage therapist, PT, and acupuncture but nothing relieved the pain. Fast forward to 19 years old when I was sent to a rheumatologist and was given the dreaded Fibromyalgia diagnosis (which looking back now, I am pretty sure the car accident triggered it to rear its ugly head)

About 3 months later I was rear ended by a police officer on my way to work. I didn't mess around with the whiplash again and was transported to the ER. I was told I has whiplash and a slight tear in my left Achilles tendon because I had my foot on the clutch. They happened to miss the torn labrum in my shoulder which I ended up having surgery to fix. (This ended up being my first of 4 surgeries, I later had my gall bladder removed, my appendix removed and hand surgery to fix tendinitis in my hand)

I ended up in pain management for my back and fibro which helped but I also happen to come from a long line of addicts so I was scared at first (have had no issues so far) I am still in PM now on Gabapentin, Hydromorphone, Methacarbomal, a few vitamins as well as Celexa and Lamictal for my bipolar disorder. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been h**l.

I have been suffering from extreme fatigue and pain to the point of falling asleep driving to and from work, thankfully I have not caused and accident, falling asleep at my desk and sleeping 14-16 hours. I am now on medical leave after being back from disability leave for my wrist after 2 months. I have now lost another good job due to this and I am at my wits end. All I do now is lay in bed, cry at the drop of a hat and play World of Warcraft for hours on end.

I am really looking forward to getting some support from people who know what its like and helping people with their own problems and concerns. Sorry this was TLDR but I needed to get it out there. Thanks in advance for all the wonderful people.
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