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Feb 5, 2013
Hello I am new to this forum and would like to make a comment on something i read before joining, I agree with the women Wendy who said she had been in other forums & or chats RE; Fibromyalgia that hadn't been what she was looking for. I too have had the same experience and hope that this one is different, (it seems to be) I understand that people sometimes need to vent (we all do at times, this illness is no picnic) however, i have found that on many of these forums when I've suggested "Helpful tips" & or advice, there seem to be many people who just were not interested, but instead just really wanted to talk about how terrible everything is. YES, these are very tough illness's, but I would really like to join a forum where people are trying to make the best of it, ]Despite the enormity of it all. I also hope to pass along not only what i have learned living with these illness's for 10 years, but also Lots of HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU ALL, Happy Healing!:p
First off welcome to the forum. I hope you will join in and share that knowledge you have with the rest of us. I think sometimes we forget, meaning those of us who have mastered the how to's, that some here have just been diagnosed and are still in shock so to speak, finding out what it is and that there is no cure for it. I try to put myself in their shoes and be more patience about some of the postings. Of course maybe your not sure how best to get along, but personally I hope you stay and get to know us better and enjoy the ride. Look forward to reading your posts.
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I like to try to remain positive, otherwise for me, what would the point of getting up in the morning be. But, I understand that other people like to vent, complain, and shout, and that's how they handle coping. We're all different as my mother used to say :)
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