New symptom: hyperesthesia - could this by fibromyalgia?

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I recently developed a new symptom: hyperesthesia. My skin is extremely sensitive to the touch. This occurs on skin on my face (eyelashes, lips, chin), in my mouth (roof, tongue), and certain places on my arm.

Other symptoms I have:

muscle twitches
muscle cramps in feet and calves
bilateral clonus

I would appreciate any insight anyone has for me.

Laurie H.
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Re: New symptom: hyperesthesia

Interesting, some times I think my skin is under attack
Re: New symptom: hyperesthesia

Sounds like it is reflex oriented. I sure suffer from this, I always chalk it up to the aggressive super startle reflex, and think that may be what you are feeling. I can tell you that it is quite bothersome.
Re: New symptom: hyperesthesia

Do you know if this skin hypersensitivity (hyperesthesia) is a symptom of ALS?
Re: New symptom: hyperesthesia

I don't know about other illnesses, but extreme skin sensitivity is common with fibromyalgia. It can also happen with peripheral neuropathy.

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I have a severe case of fibromyalgia, and I have all the symptoms you listed above and more. My skin is so sensitive that when I go to take a shower I cant stand to have the water beat on my back right away. I always have to get my hair wet first, and then fling it around to get my back wet. It is a weird thing.
By hypersensitive, do you mean sort of painful? Lately I notice that a particular patch of skin will feel as if there is a bruise there when you run your fingers over it. It is not swollen, doesn't look any different, but nonetheless there is this slightly painful sensation of a bruise. The patch moves around, but is always somewhere below the knees, on either leg. I will notice it by accident. It has been just a curiosity for a while, I assume unconnected to my muscle issues. Who knows?
Hummm, that does sound so much like fibromyalgia pain. Or Chronic Myofascial Pain disease. They are very simular types of pain. The fact that it moves around makes me think Chronic Myofascial Pain disease? I of course am not a doctor, but maybe it could point you in the right direction as to why you are having the pain you do. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help hun.
Hugs, Kari
hi, I have been diagnosed with polymylitis rhuematica, I think I spelled it right, still have further testing to do done, but on january 14, I had a crao(central retina artery occlusion and lost 40% of my sight in left eye, was scheduled for an emg that was put on hold, has alot of the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, I have foot and shin and toe cramps, also aching muscles all over my body, last checked I had a sed rate of 120, Still do not know what caused the occlusion which is also called an eye stroke, had a lobe biopsy to r/o giant cell enteritis and numeroius other tests. Somehow I cannot help but feel this is all somehow connected, margaret
Oh Margaret, that just sucks! Hard to say if it is all connected. Is there any medication that can help you hun?
I am sending you sympathy hugs hun!
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