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Sep 12, 2016
I am a male and I have fibromyalgia. I believe my fibro was triggered by serious medical issues, endocarditis, stroke and breast tumor, I went through in 2012. I am having a tough time. I know my fibro has progressed. Some say it doesn't, but I will tell you I used to get periods of some but not complete relief, but I would say that the past several months the widespread pain is constant. I have been prescribed Tramadol and gabapentin for pain and Trazadol for sleep. Citalopram, think to try and correct some imbalance. It is a depression med. I have been taking 20 mg of time released methylphenidate on average 2 times a day to combat the fatigue. I also have IBS, TMJ and terrible skin rashes that I believe are tied to having fibro. Like most, I have trouble with sleep and staying awake, particularly waking in the morning. Lately, my legs in particular, have been aching so terribly bad during the night I wake and just moan in pain. Last year in the final month of summer, I took time off from work protected by FMLA. That was precious. It really helps to have a long period of continuous time off to find some relief if you are still working. Speaking of that, my rheumatologist said she would do whatever she could if I applied for SS disability. That is not the direction I want to go. Emotionally I feel fine. Physically I've never felt worse and it is a matter of coping each and every hour of every day. Thank you for letting me share.
Go for the disability Insurance! You might be a candidate for them helping you find a Job that fits your needs. Don't wait, I DID, AND NOW I'M SCREWED OVER BECAUSE I HADN'T WORKED FOR A YR. I THINK THAT'S SO UNFAIR! I'm 57 yrs young. And started putting money into uncle sams account when I turned 14.
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