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Nov 28, 2013
I'm new here. Hoping to get some answers. I've had regular bouts of severe pain for years. Last year I looked up the fibro trigger points and BANG! That was me. Strugggled with depression for yrs to which no medication has alleviated ... only seems to make things worse, sometimes way worse and I've tried everything under the sun I think. I also suffer from cognitive challenges, memory, attention and word finding difficulties. All these symptoms seem to come and go in waves, with periods of feeling pretty good. The fatigue is always present and I've suffered from sleep disturbances for years, insomnia and nightmares. of course there is the constant need to use the bathroom too. I have muscle twitches, cramping in my feet, spasms and now seems I'm developing a nice case of TMJ, with the non-stop headace, ear neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes I ache right down into my little fingers. I had a large uterine fibroid removed recently. I'm not sure if there is a connection there. Doc found a cyst on my ovary. No hx of either of these two things in my family. I am 37 and proprobably noticed the intial onset of pain 10 yrs ago. My dr. perscribed cymbalta which made me ill. Remeron seemed to kill the pain immediately and improved my sleep but left me with other wierd problems. So I was off most meds since January 2012 and quit taking mini-press for nightmares in August. I started B12, B6, B1 and M.I.C shots on a regular basis which seemed to help all symptoms. Then I had surgury recently to remove the fibroid. Limited my pain meds, seemed to be recovering but the sleep disturbances started again, fatigue, pain and now TMJ. My dentist prescribed a short dose of Ativan which knocked out the TMJ but now it is back full force. This is my first experience with TMJ although I have been a teeth grinder for years. When talking to my dr and psych in 2012, neither one intiated much testing. I also have alot of bloating. My doc tested for a variety of things related to digestion and did a full blood count etc. I guess ive had alot of tests ecg, lung x-ray, tested for blood clots, but all came back normal. My Dr ust seemed to be okay with having my fibro treated by my psych, which was not too successful. When the pain is gone I grin and bear life. Tried adderall for the cog/fatigue. Provigil too. Both make my moods and body worse. Gabbapentin seems to help with my anxiety but I have to take a very large does. Ativan commonly unmasks my depression :(
Sooo just looking for advice here on what you all think. What kind of tests to ask dr for. I would like to be referred to a pain specialist or someone who can help without loading me up with a lot of drugs. My dr isn't a specialist but she does know a lot about arthritis and stuff and deff doesn't think I have tht. My aunt was diagnosed with fibro. I always feel better when I exercise, work in my garden and avoid stress. Eat well, juice organic fruits and stay away from dairy. Any thoughts?
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