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May 14, 2024
Hi my name is Polly, I have had Fibromyalgia for 22 years. Sad thing is my daughter now 33 years old has just been diagnosed.
I know I can help support her and advise but even now I question myself? Is it Fibromyalgia making me feel like this ? Or menopause? or just old age. Life is so confusing sometimes! Xx
Hi Polly welcome!
in my book fibro, age and menopause all have their part to play.
Sometimes I find myself blaming hormones or fibromyalgia for a symptom ( particularly the mental health side or anxiety) but then try to remind myself even if I didn't have these two health issues I may well feel like that anyway.
Age does change us I think. Although my health is pretty rubbish, I actually kind of like the older me? I think I understand myself more.

But I agree it can be pretty confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Are you on any hormone replacement? if that's a route you want to try. If one health thing can be settled it may help you feel in a better position to help yourself and support your daughter with the fibromyalgia maybe?
Hi I count myself lucky I don’t suffer the mental health side of Fibromyalgia, I’ve never suffered anxiety issues 🙏 I am on HRT which definitely helps. It does get confusing at times.
I try to look for the positive and the good.
I worked for the NHS so have lots of friends I can ask for help or advice too, so very lucky in that respect.
Hi @Polly58 Welcome to the forums 🤗 🤗

Although I was diagnosed in my 60's, I've had fibro from teens or earlier. :earning the symptoms, and now answering all those "why?'s "that have always plagued me, it's easier to handle now.

Please see if your daughter will get on here, as I so wish I'd had something like this when I was her age. Even to just read through and see what others are doing to handle what she is feeling/dealing with at the moment is so reassuring.

I know there are a few other young ones on here, one was actually hoping to talk with other young ones, young as in up to mid 20's, I think she was meaning.

all the best to both of you, and again, welcome to the forums :):)🤗🤗🤗
Hello @Cloud Kitten welcome to you as well.

Have a good browse around and just ask anything - bound to be someone who can answer, advise or ( crucially ) understand and support.

I'm pretty newly diagnosed and have already learned a lot from other forum members. A big thing thing for me is just knowing people on here understand what fibromyalgia feels like without me trying floodplain it - and how it affects us.