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Oct 31, 2014
Co Down NI
Hello everyone.

I was Diagnosed with Fybromyalgia in 2013. First becoming ill in 2010. This is my story.......
Its been a long journey something that I am sure most Fybromyalgia sufferers share. I was a healthy late 40's female. I had always worked full time, a busy mother to 2 teenagers and a great husband. Yes life was often living in the fast lane but this was normal and I was well able to keep up with the demands. Then suddenly my mother became very sick gets a diagnosis of a terminal cancer and passes away within 6 months in 2010. As the oldest female of 6, sons & daughters I found myself as the main carer, organiser and accountant! I then looked after my fathers welfare and illness and he passed away a year later 2011. Obvious grieving and massive sadness overwelmed me and I took time off work following both parents deaths. However with the passing of my father I wasn't simply grieving, I had this horrific and disabling fatigue. I never woke up feeling refreshed and had several periods where I slept for days. I ached all over I often had vertigo and felt tearful. On going to the GP, when I simply stated" I did not feel right that there was something wrong with me" also I thought I was able to explain clearly that although I was sad I knew this to be a natural reaction to the loss that I had experienced. Anyhow I was asked to complete a questionaire to decide whether I was anxious or depressed. I was given Beta-blockers to relieve anxiety. I returned a week later with my husband as a witness and was given anti-depressants. I would have taken anything to get me back to a functioning state as I was fatigued, hurt all over and an axious mess. A variety of blood tests revealed I had Hypothyroidism and my GP was surprised how I was functioning at all. The process of stablising Hypothriodism is arduous and takes 6 weeks each time Thyroxine is increased if indicated. For me it took 42 weeks before I was on the correct level. I had some period of increased energy but the muscle ache and twitching I experienced never left me. This low level chronic pain gradually wears away at your tolerance levels and not only did I start thinking I had some degenerating condition I felt I was being treated as a Hypochrondriac often I was asked by my GP,which sympton did they want me to treat! until I think they were that fed up of me, I was referred to a Hyprothroid specialist - more blood tests then many weeks waiting then an MRI and many weeks passed until it w nothing abnormal was found! I still had all my aches, fatigue, dizzy periods and anxiety for someone to believe how unwell I was. This specialist insisted that I should be well and expressed a concern that I should not be on anti-depressants or analgesic such as Tramadol! I explained that I was told because of the lack of seretonin caused by Hypothroidism, I should be on an anti-depressant and because of my muscle aching all over the Tramadol alleviated the pain. I asked to be referred to a Neurologist many weeks later ,a full examination, time taken to listen to me and a review of all the investigations to date, the Neurologist suggested that I try Lyrica at night and then titrate it to three times a day until I felt the benefits. Many weeks and visits to the GP later, to review the levels of Lyrica I required. I was reluctantly told that my symptoms matched those of Fybromyaglia but it was very apparent the Neurologist did not want to label me with a Diagnosis. i was just happy that finally I knew that my body was in trouble and I could take steps to relieve some of the symptoms but also understand there would be times when the symptoms would not be so easily controlled and I had to give in to rest periods. So here I am with Fybromyalgia and Hypothyroidism, I also have an auto-immune condition of my right Knee and have had a very challenging Menopausal period and have had to use HRT therapy. I have been unwell for 4 yrs I do believe that the stress of my mothers death and the sadness of my fathers death lead to my illness, it was such a shock to my system and I have read that there is s strong link with such a life changing experience.
Ok so now I need to learn to live as well as I can and I hope with the help of this forum, I can learn how do to this and help other sufferers along the way. Thank you for reading my lengthy account. I now find myself 2 stone heavier due on part to the side effect of Lyrica and also lack of exercise. So my goal is to get this weight off, do regular exercise, eat a healthier diet and see the effects in my lifestyle change. Lets go for it.........
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