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Oct 9, 2018
Hi, I have had the problems listed since I inherited it from my Mother. At 81 yrs. of age I have been through most of all the terrible things we live thru. My reason for posting is Fibro Fog & Brain Fog (CFS). In Jan. 2017 my left leg buckled & I fell ending up in the hospital. They did an MRI on my head & found that it is damaged. It showed I had several minor mini-strokes & 2 others that were worse. The other damage was to my cognitive thinking that is now known as cognitive dysfunction. I no longer think correctly, forget most things, lost my ability to spell, remember words, do math, etc. Having a conversation on the phone is still okay or at least the person I am speaking to says that I’m doing okay. When I hang up the phone I forget most of the conversation. I worked as a cashier, accountant, bookkeeping, almost anything to do with math for 31yrs. Now I have to count on my fingers for simple things or use a calculator that I’m forgetting how to use. When I came home from the hospital my son went to the doctor with me. At that time the doctor explained all that had happened to my head but I did not remember one iota of that conversation. My Dr. brought it up on my monthly visit two months ago. She was reminding me of my damaged brain. So I’m wondering why it took so long to tell me but after talking to my son he told me about her relating all that to me in Jan.2017. Enough for now, just wondering if anyone else is going through this & can share their experience. Thanks.
I am new to this forum, too. I am 80 years old. I have had fibro for 3 years and took Cymbalta the whole time. It was great at first (the first 2 years) but then I got every side effect listed. It was awful & took me a long time to get off of it (which I did). Now I'm taking Prednisone for the pain & Zoloft for the depression and they both work well. However, the fibro fog, dizziness & exhaustion are not addressed by those drugs and are terrible. I feel like I'm going through life in slow motion.

I keep making mistakes while writing this and my handwriting has changed, too. My spelling is muddled and yes, my math ability has decreased. Does anyone have suggestions? I do feel to weak to exercise, even in water. I am very shaky when walking. Help!
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