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Oct 31, 2016
Hi! I am new to the forum. I have fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis, migraines, endometriosis, essential tremor, asthma, allergies and Gastroparesis. I have been significantly sick for twenty years, and I am very thankful for my doctors and medicines and my family, but I guess I am looking to connect with others who understand what life is like when you have to deal with pain and fatigue day and night, day after day after day. I have lost my job because if not being able to keep up. My husband does a lot for me, but he is more of a do go to work and the dishes for me kind of guy than a good listener. I try to be strong but sometimes I really suffer and the only thing that helps me endure is my faith. I would like to help others on this forum. Maybe some of my experience can do some good.

Hi and welcome Hope4all...nice to meet you. Yes on here we do understand the daily battle with chronic pain and fatigue and the impact on our emotional wellbeing and relationships

Please do share anything you want..there is also a venting section for getting things off your chest. I am sure your experience will help and support others.

I am not able to work either and am severely affected. I haven't been ok enough to leave my house for a year now and prior to that had fibro bad enough but could still get around and out for a few hours a few times a week.

I have had fibro for about as long as you ...symptoms started aroind 2006/2007.....and full blown all over from 2008.

I hope being here gives you some comfort you are not alone.

Take Care
Thank you so much for your reply! May your health improve.
Hello All, I'm new here. I've had FM ever since I can remember. My health has been bad since the day I was born so feeling unwell is almost a life-style for me unfortunately. Right now I'm also dealing with a very rare disease called Vasculitis and that has caused me to have neuropathy, damaged muscles and bone problems. I currently have a stress fracture in my knee because the prednisone I had to take for 8 months thinned my bones. I take all the stuff recommended for bones too. Anyway, I'm 67 years old and retired. I have always pushed myself trying to remain strong for my family mostly. I am trying to learn to take care of myself!
I hope to learn and be of help to others here as best I can.
Welcome to the forum!
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