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Jul 14, 2013
Hi! I too new to this support group. So, here is my story. I was finally diagnosed this week after a year of seeing just about every specialist there is. For a long time I blamed tension and anxiety for my tense muscles and pain throughout my body. I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome brought on by Fibro. Every doctor I saw treated me as if I were crazy and suggested I go to a psychologist. I even tried to see one and realized that she couldn't help me simply because I have never had any mental problems, such as depression or disorders. Over the last year I missed so many days and due to not being able to tell my employer a reason other than the doctor is doing tests I was fired. This was a last straw, because I have never in my life been let go from a job. Now on unemployment I have tried so many things to get healthy still having no diagnosis for the whole month of June 2013. I am in constant pain and I knew that it wasn't just in my head. I kept a diary of my daily progress as I started eating right and exercising and found that even taking good care of myself I still had one day where I could have gone to work, but seems the next day I knew there was no way and would have to spend the day in bed. I have insomnia which does make it worse. After reading my diary at the beginning of July 2013 I decided to reach out to a good friend of mine whom is a Cardiologist. Go figure! The one specialist I didn't need is the one that diagnosed me. I described my symptoms to him and he did a quick physical exam putting pressure on different parts of my body and within minutes he was sure it was Fibro. Still not sure I could trust his word because I had been led wrong so many times, I researched Fibro online. I couldn't believe my eyes. Just about every symptom that is listed on WebMD I experience. Although, seeing that there is no cure and the affect that it has on life upset me, I am relieved to finally have some answers and knowing that I am not "crazy" is a plus as well. I have more bad days than good, therefore I have started looking for work at home. Anyone have ideas for work at home business? I will not make what I made as a Corporate banker, but it has helped to choose my own schedule. Wow! I am long winded, but I am thankful to have somewhere to go with friends that know how I feel. I am starting to look into herbal remedies as well, because I do not like to take anxiety meds and pain pills. My back hurts almost all of the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand of full body massager is the best? Being that I am unemployed I am on a budget, so I do not have a lot to spend on trying different ones till I get the right one. Any advice on pain management would be a blessing, because I am not one to be able to sit still long enough to meditate or do Yoga as I have ADHD too. I do pilates and walk but here lately I have been in so much pain I can't even manage that. Thank you for listening.
crystal ryder,
Welcome to the forum. You are right that tension and anxiety, and stress do not cause fibro, but they do aggravate the condition. The more stress and anxiety in your life the more problems you will have with tense muscles that will not relax on their own. The longer this goes on your muscles will become more tight and this produces pain in your muscles and joints. soon your whole body is racked with pain.

Another point you bring up is the need or not for a psychologist. Most of the people who come here do not need to see a psychologist. However, most people who have fibro can benifit from seeing a mental health therapist. Whether you know it or not, when fibro takes away most of the things in life that you treasure like your job and abilities to enjoy time with family and friends, do hobbies, or other things that give you pleasure, you can have depression. There are many degrees of depression, with some people sinking into deep depression and being unable to function and others that are only slightly affected by it.

The reason lots of people, including me, tended to resist this idea, is because some friends and family figure if you see any mental health personal you are crazy. I tend to think they are the crazy ones, because anything that can improve someones piece of mind is a good thing. Being depressed is not a sin, it is not evil, nor is it something to turn a blind eye too. I have seen therapists in the past that helped me to see new ways of coping and understanding my health condition and a drather healthier way of looking at the world in general. So keep that thought in the back of your mind for future use.

If you read around the forum and even into some of the back posts you might discover many ways that you can ease your pain without a lot of pills. We have a section on alternative health treatments, as well as, relaxing in a tub of warm water and a cup of epsom salts. Watching good movies that make you laugh. Reading good books or finding hobbies that can take your mind off your pain. Calling a friend on the phone or helping a friend in need can help you feel better about yourself because the focus is on someone else.

The fibro bed pads I speak of are about 3 inches thick. They can be found online or in department stores. There are cotton ones and feather ones. and even some made out of foam. I tend to like the cotton fiber ones best. Sometimes using two pillows helps as well. The vibrating mats that can handle the length of your body are available online. I would say do some research and read other customer replies on likes and dislikes. I have had mine for over ten years and can not say if this one is made as well as years ago.

If you suffer from leg cramps wear socks to bed and try and keep your lower legs covered at night. Use fans when hot but do not direct them straight at you. These tips will get you started and as you read other people's posts you will find more great ideas.

Be sure to ask questions and give answers to others. All of us try to be very supportive toward one another and we look forward to each new member as someone who will be more informed as the days go by. See you around the forum. :)
Sorry you just found out you have this terrible FM. I manage by taking Morphine 30 mg 3 per day for pain, Soma , Klonopin and Ambien for sleep and Savella, a new Fm Medicine, and Zoloft for depression. In summer I can go pretty much 4 to 5 hours a day. But I have days I am in bed all day even with the pain meds. We have had a great deal of rain in our area this summer and that always makes me feel worse. Hope you fine help soon.
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