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Jun 12, 2013
Hi my name is Ruth. I was diagnosed over 13 fun filled years ago. I'm sure my symptoms are very similar to most of yours. Now on top of Fibro/Chronic Fatigue I've recently been diagnosed with low blood sugar. As all if that isn't enough I have also aquired asthma this summer! :shock: Life is just full of surprises! I feel fortunate in that my FM/CF seems to have calmed down to a manageable level in recent years. When I say manageable I mean if I am able to function at a semi normal level for half a day I spend the next two days recouperating. Sound familiar? I count myself very lucky since for many years all I could do was eat and sleep and didn't do either of those very well. I have tried every drug and natural remedy available with very little success. When I had gotten so bad I could hardly roll over in bed my pain Dr suggested trying a procedure on my back. Luckily it worked and is the only reason I'm sitting up typing this today. All in all my condition has improved from years past. As with all FM peeps I enjoy the good days and struggle through the bad ones knowing another good one will come around sooner or later.
Hello Ruth (birdwatcher), Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have accepted the pitfalls of fibro and are trying to enjoy your life. I am glad to hear your back problems with pain was solved and your able to sit up and type without pain. I am wondering with your nickname here if you enjoy watching birds. I find them to be very cute and interesting in day-to-day duties of nesting and feeding their young. At our camp the hummingbirds will fly onto the porch and look you straight in the eye, as if to say hello. We also have a falcon who build a nest in the apple tree beside our porch. This was a interesting surprise and we enjoy seeing the birds as they are beautiful in the colors of their feathers.

Anyways, back to the forum. Please feel free to post anywhere and answer any questions. I hope you learn some new coping skills and meet new friends on this forum. Looking forward to your posts. :)
Love your picture 1sweed. Once upon a time, a very, very long time ago, I owned horses. Sometimes I still have dreams of riding again but then reality hits and I know that isn't ever going to happen. Yes I enjoy bird watching because it is one of the few things I can do that doesn't hurt. Gardening was also one of my hobbies but I'm not able to do much of it anymore either. I do however sit and watch the weeds I used to pull grow taller and stronger by the day. My eye sight had gotten so bad I had to move our bird feeders closer to the deck so I could see the birds. They enjoy making a huge mess of our deck but the reward is worth it. I have tried to keep up with hummingbird feeders in the past but once again found I'm just not up to the taste. I understand that leaving the sugar water out too long can actually hurt the little hummers. We have caught a few hummers feeding from our coral bells this year. Yeah! We have hawks in our yard looking for lunch form time to time. I hate to see our little guys being caught but it's all part of nature. We also have bald eagles in our area that we've seen from time to time. I was lucky enough to see a Indigo Bunting this year which is only the second time I've seen one. We seem to have quite a few Cardinals this year which is new. Normally we only have one pair so evidently they have been busy this year. We also have several different kinds of finches that of course we enjoy. I love watching all the little ones grow into adults during summer. I have been an animal lover all of my life and never thought the day would come that I wouldn't have a pet. After loosing my beloved father and sweet cocker spaniel this year I just can't bring myself to start over. I am content with what ever wanders into my yard birds, rabbits and the occasional stray dog.
By the way I attempted to post this in the Newbie section but somehow it didn't make it. Maybe I need some lessons on how to post in the proper place before I stumble any further.
Acually you picked a good spot. Sometimes I post all over the place and other times I stick to just a few good spots like the good day spot and the newbie's or my blog. I try to spread myself around by clicking on the new posts tab at the top of page, or looking for certain names to reply too. Like I said just pick spots to post and go for it, it is hard to mess up anything here we are pretty much open to most posting except I think ads and porn, are not welcome here. lol
You could get more hummingbirds by having pots or planting lots of red flowers. They are attracted to the color red. When we are at camp if I wear red or have a hat that looks red, the birds will come right up to me to see if I am as sweet as I look.
I like watching the wild animals as well. And as far as horses go I owned two of them in my younger days and miss having one or riding them, but like you I am unable to care for any pets at this time. Thanks for sharing. :)
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