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Jun 12, 2013
Hello! My name is Robin and I am in Florida. I was diagnosed with fibro and a brain aneurysm in February 2010 right after getting married to my high school sweetie. We dated in high school and some 20ish years later got back together and married.

Fibro changed my life...the headaches actually lead to an MRI that found the brain aneurysm. I was able to have it coiled off...while in the hospital for a procedure, they found that I am a Type 2 diabetic as well.

God gets me through each day! Without Him, I am helpless!

God Bless!
Welcome to the forum. I hope you will feel at home here and post many topic's and answer lots of the topic questions. You are lucky to have the Lord in your life for He most certainly gets us through the rough spots and we feel safe just knowing and believing He is there for us. I hope you find some coping skills and take the time to get to know other members of the forum.

This forum is a very supportive group who will do our best to help you find the answers to your questions and just be here if you need a place to vent. Hope you have a good day. :)
Hey Robin, Although I feel miserable most days, I too feel Gods grace. Fibro also changed my world. I had fibro symptoms and couldn't find what was wrong but went on a spree looking. Through the process, I found that I had Chiari malformation along with pseudotumor. I ended up with 7 brain procedures, living In ICU for 2 months during thanksgiving, Christmas, and wedding anniversary, but am living to tell about it today. The good news is that the surgeries were a success but unfortunately I still wake every morning in lots of pain and a reminder that I'm not great. Some days, its so hard to see the blessings that I know exist. Im only 26 with a 5yr old and 7yr old. I feel bad due to pain keeping me from doing all the fun things that a young mother should be able to do. This gets me down but I keep trucking for these kiddos.
Hi Robin,
I rely on God too. I just could not make it through a day without Him!
Robin, I have been with Fibromyalgia for 10 years now and each day is a challenge but duable. I had a 6 week class of how to deal with it all and it had helped... if you like to visit more let me know
Hi Robin! I love how you let your faith get you through this stuff. And congrats on the marriage! :)
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